Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall Camp stuff

It's that time of year where we put away the sun block and break open the stash of pumpkin spice candles.  

Fall is extra special for us since renting a campsite at Little Orleans Campground.  It's a great place for cool autumn walks and the most awesome wafting in the air of campfire smell!

 A jam-packed day of fun for kids and adults! is planned!

The scenic hayride gives us some idea of what to expect when we are cut loose to visit the campgrounds different campsites trick-or-treating.

There are some pretty shady characters out there handing out candy, but hey, it's all in fun and good times.  Don't be afraid, they warn.

The crisp air...

The freedom to run....

The feel of fall in the air...

And the laughs.  Oh yes, the laughs.

Trick-or-treating at it's best!!

And memories have never been this sweet.


  1. Oh my gosh,Sonny & Cher go camping! How camp! Is this Marissa in the pictures? She looks all grown up and is almost unrecognizable! Is that doggie paw prints on the carpet in the first picture? Where is Gracie?

  2. Looks like so much fun! Always good to make memories and laughs!


  3. love it. looks like alot of fun. enjoy autumn.

  4. You look great dressed as Sonny & Cher. It looks like you all had so much fun and got to see and do so many wonderful things. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a wonderful day.
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