Saturday, July 20, 2019

Samson's Belated Birthday Wish

Doesn't he have the best smile ever?

If you want to see my guy's blog (well, him and his mommy, Inger, and his sister, Faith) go HERE to visit them.  

Attention all female fur friends age 1 to 20:  



And besides, he says my ears are the best!!


  1. Samson says: I love this!!!! Thank you so much for your birthday wish. I dream about you too. Sometimes I see a puffy white cloud in the sky that reminds me of your lovely ears. Then I day dream about kissing them. I will dream of Hawaii now, as long as you promise it's not too hot. I had thought more about Siberia where my breed is from, but I guess your paws would freeze and your ears would catch a cold. So Hawaii it is! I asked mommy to put your dream picture on her blog, in the sidebar, I think it's called. Love you, XOXOXOXOXOXOXO, YourSamson

  2. A very good dream as a birthday present! I enjoy following Inger.

  3. Happy belated birthday Samson! Good looking pup! You and Gracie make a great looking couple!



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