Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sorry, winter

Have you noticed days being longer?  I don't know about you, but my mood is better come spring, summer and fall.  Winter is merely a season to get through.  Though it's got it's good points too...  I can't really think of any that would trump those of spring, summer and fall.  Sorry, winter.  

The audiobook, "Gracie's Diary, a Memoir" is just weeks away from completion.  I'm excited!  The narrator did an excellent job and oh... BTW Samson, she tried to hook Gracie up with her sweet boy Tye-Dye but Gracie was firm in her commitment to her handsome finance' from California!  Though Tye is a real looker and a great catch,  Gracie still loves only you, Samson and she let that be known!  

In other news...


there is no other news.  Not much happening here.  Just winter.  


  1. Congrats on the audio version of you book, what an accomplishment it is, all that you worked on and now this.

    Samson Says: Gracie, my sweet love I miss you and now that I'm getting old too, with my eye problems and all, I'm so glad you are sticking with me. I wish I could come and see you and play in the snow. You know I'm a snow dog and here there's no snow at all. Sending: XOXOXOXOXOXOXO and ear kisses. Your Samson

  2. Well, first you want Gracie puppies? Gosh, this may be the worst winter yet with the flu epidemic. We are scared to go anywhere in public. I even postponed a medical test. How is it in your area?

  3. At least our snow finally hit the dirt yesterday and we are back to our ugly winter. Guess there are advantages to having snow.

  4. tired of winter too. glad to hear gracie stayed true to samson.

  5. I'm enduring winter here for sure. It seems so much longer than necessary - sigh.

  6. It feels like Spring here:) and I am good with that! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!



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