Sunday, December 17, 2017

Indian Giver

Hi.  It's Gracie.  Looks like Mom is threatening to take back her blog.  Indian Giver.  According to her I am slacking.  Slacking?  Me?  I mean...  didn't I post a very thoughtful blog just days ago?

Oh.  That was last month.  

My bad.

This blog has gone to the dogs, that's for sure.  Me thinks me's on da way out.  Don't be surprised if the human animal doesn't crop up again and start boring you to tears.  Hey, I tried.

Toodles for now...


  1. Gracie, it is not your fault. In fact, nothing is ever your fault! There has been a lot to do for the holidays. Such as plans to get the most turkey, ham, etc. Not to mention cookies.That will keep a girl busy!

  2. gracie you gave it your best shot. that's what counts.

  3. Gracie, you have so many other things to think about, it is hard to keep up with it all. You got to be thinking about your next meal when the grands are over, figuring out how you can get extra treats, etc. Sometimes blogging takes a back seat while you figure it all out. Whoever posts, I'll be sure to read. And all of you have a Merry Christmas if you don't post before then!


  4. Samson Says: Hi Gracie, you can do no wrong. Humans are like that, first they say you get to blog, then you don't, then they don't, then they feel guilty and blame it on us dogs. Still, we know our mommies love us, so we just have to forgive them and love them back. Miss you, my sweet Gracie. XOXOXOXOXOXO, your Samson