Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Fun In The Sun

Summer is winding down and last week a brief visit to Ocean City, Maryland was in order.

Day #1 I twisted my back and could barely walk without severe pain for the rest of our stay.

Other than that, it was great!  We stayed at a different place this time.  A hotel near the boardwalk.

The kids loved it and I'm pretty sure most of the adults enjoyed themselves.

The kids had such fun playing in the sand and ocean waves...  that I think instead of Disney, we will do a repeat of this years beach trip next summer.  Only longer.

And hopefully....

Next time....

I won't hurt my back.


  1. Great pictures! Summer has the sweetest smile. And Marissa has grown SO much!! What grade is she in now? How did you hurt your back? How is it now? what helps, any meds?

  2. Except for your back - I can see where it would be fun! I'll bet you spent a lot of time applying sunblock. Didn't you take Gracie? Most motels let you have a pet. (Just have to follow them with a baggie and do clean-up) Or won't they let you have them on the beach? When do the kiddos go back to school? Summer doesn't last long enough, does it?

  3. great pics of sand, surf and family. glad you had fun. sorry to hear your back put a damper on things. hope it feels better soon.

  4. Honestly, this over Disney any day! More fun, less stress! Looked like so much fun except for your back! Grand kids are getting so big!


  5. Sorry about your back I hope you will feel better soon. Love to see Summer and the rest of the kids. Samson sends love and ear kisses and says he's feeling much better now.

  6. What darling kiddos and the trip looks like fun. I hope your back healed quickly.


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  9. More fun, less stress! Looked like so much fun except for your back! Grand kids are getting so big!



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