Friday, May 5, 2017

Grandparent Day 2017

This morning was Grandparents Day fun at school.  A day Jake and I are both excited for.  

Even though we stink at BINGO...   boo!!! 

We still had fun.  There were crafts and snacks and pictures and meeting Jake's friends.  

All that in one hour!  

Fast paced, but good quality time with my #1 grandson.

When I think of Jake, I think of a boy who is caring and self-less.  He is always thinking of others.  Though I know he was sad because PopPop was sick today and couldn't make it, he kept saying, "Tell PopPop it's okay.  Tell him I hope he feels better and that I love him."

And what do you think is the first thing he did this morning when Grandparent's Day was starting?

He scanned the room until he found someone whose grandparent couldn't make it.  Then he invited his friend Nick to be a part of our family for the morning.

That's our Jake.

Always thinking of others.  


  1. I am all about Grandparents day at school!!! Jake is an angel! So how is Gary, what is going on with him? I always worry because we have such similar health problems.

  2. Sounds like fun times!! How sweet Jake was to look around for someone who needed a grandparent for the day! Hope Gary feels better soon!


  3. That was nice of Jake to include his friend. Not everyone has a grandparent who can come for these special times. It sounds like a good time. Sorry Gary wasn't well enough to attend the event.

  4. Oh he is such a good boy. How wonderful, to think of others, at a young age.

    But of course, he must be being brought up well. So his parents should be very pleased, too.

    Hope his PopPop, will feel better soon.

    Luna Crone


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