Friday, May 19, 2017

A Two-Snake Kind of Day

Let's go to camp, they said.  It'll be fun, they said.  You'll love all the new smells, they said.
So off we went in the Buick to a place they call camp.  

I wasn't sure.  Would this be my new home?  Would they leave me here all alone?  But.  I couldn't think about such things as that.  I had to focus on the smells.  Was that a bunny-friend I smelled? Did I stumble upon some aged burnt hotdog?

Dad said, Relax Gracie.  Enjoy the peace and quiet.  

I tried.  But still, I was a little worried.  

Would they leave me here?  Alone?  Was this my punishment for stalking the robin's nest underneath of the deck at home?  

This place called camp was different than anything I'd experienced before.  I feared though, that I would now be living in the wild... complements of my animal-like behavior.  

My shaky legs trembled as I gave it all I had and did the jump from outside to the inside of what they call a camper.  

 Where were my toys and why is it that Mom an Dad kept running into one another?  
Mom's arms reached around me to lift me onto the bed.  It was relaxing but...  I still had to be weary of their intentions.  What did all this mean for me?

"What if Gracie needs to potty in the middle of the night?" I heard her ask dad.  "What if there's a bear outside?" she said.  "I would be afraid," she added.  Humph.  She did plan on keeping me here.  But.  Maybe she'd be staying too.  I could live with that.

Permission granted...  to potty on the floor if a bear was stalking the place.  Geeeeeesss...  this is getting beyond weird.  My people are losing it, I'm telling' ya.  Camp?  Relax?  Peace and quiet?  Bears?
Back into the Buick then, and home.  Home sweet home.  Where there are no bears and peace and quiet does not happen.  Next time I'm thinkin' I won't be so afraid of camp.  Next time I'll be brave.

And so.  Our lives they are a changing.  We are now almost-campers.  I guess after the first real night we spend there we will be official.  We are not quite ready yet... more to be done so we are not sure when that will be.  But soon.   Gary needs to move rocks away from our 'deck' to relocate the fire pit to a more safe place.

A couple of days after taking Gracie there, we went alone.  There was work to be done and having her there is kind of like having a small child along.  It was hot anyway, so she was happy to stay in the cool of her safe place called home.

So we got the curtains back up after having removed them to give them a good washing.  I made the bed and added some patriotic pillows for effect.  I mean...  aren't campers supposed to boast their patriotism?

On the way out I was able to snap a few sweet pictures.  Well.  One sweet.  One unique.  And the last one....creepy since I don't like snakes.  Watch the short video too...  of that ol' snake giving us a show as we pass over the bridge leaving camp.  Eeeek!

Meanwhile, back in town we stopped by US Cellular to change our data plan.  Unlimited data will be nice for time spent at camp where there is no Internet.

But wait!

Well, well, well....  How fitting that the boys at US Cellular had a friend visiting.  A friend I chose to stay far, far away from.

Picture, compliments of my very brave husband....

Two snakes in one day.  How lucky can one person get!!


  1. Mmmmmm, how close do snakes come, to your camp site...??????????????

    Oh mercy, don't let Gracie see this...!!!!!!!

    Luna Crone, who was taken camping, at age 13, and never wanted to go again. >,-))))))))))

  2. Gracie, you do have a way with words! Didn't you buy this camper recently? It is a nice size...nice bathroom and big bed, lovely kitchen. But you could not pay me enough money to go camping. And here is why: snakes. spiders. Bears. Hard bed. You are young at heart, and this will be an adventure, though! Not to mention lots of interesting and wild blog posts. Go for it, Bobbi, happy camping!! While I sit timidly on the couch.

  3. Did you buy it new? In fact, I would love to go on trips in this, just not CAMP, ha ha!

  4. Ginny, no it was not new but in very good condition. If we enjoy it we will look to something bigger and nicer later on but first we must see how this goes. I love the peace and quiet. But snakes/spiders/bears... not a fan. So we will see. We are a seasonal rental at a very nice campgrounds.

  5. The camper is ours but we rent the seasonal campsite...

  6. It looks like a very nice campsite. You don't have poisonous snakes there, do you? That's a pretty one. The camper looks comfortable. Do you have electricity on your site? I think you guys will enjoy being there. Peace and quiet - how lovely!

  7. And that's why I don't enjoy camping (snakes). But it did look very serene and peaceful there and Gracie don't complain. You did get to go for a trip; you know how forlorn you are when you are left behind. Sounds like there will be many more wonderful camping trips in the days ahead!


  8. YIKES, I don't like snakes! I know there are good ones, but to me a snake is a snake! Enjoy your day dear friend, can't wait to follow along on your camping adventures! HUGS!


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