Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Something Missing

Ya see anything missing from the following picture?

 If your guess was 'THE DOG' then you are right-on.

'THE DOG' was also not invited to hunt for easter eggs with the kiddo-s.  But hey.  I don't hold a grudge.  I tried to help by sniffing out the harder-to-locate eggs...  but the nag Mom warned me...  "no chocolate, Gracie!"  


So, if being left out of the family fun wasn't enough... a trip to the vets office was in store for me the following day.  

First, the muzzle.  Thanks Mom, for warning them of how vicious of a dog I am.  

Next, weigh-in.  Dr. Fox says my weight is perfect...  

*holding head high*  *clearing throat*  *looking straight at mom*

So  you can quit saying I'm getting stout ... and tell dad to get that bag of beef jerky back out.  I'm ready to eat.  I'm hungry.  And.   I'm of perfect size.  The Fox says so.

Diagnosis:  A fungal infection and possible bacterial infection.  Tomorrow starts meds.

I need to practice spitting. out. pills.   Gracie.


  1. Infections? Where? Poor Gracie! Pills are a real pain, we hate doing pills around here. Why can't they make a yummy chew-able for our furry kids? Didn't know a muzzle was a must have, too bad. Big hug for Gracie!

  2. Poor Gracie! Mr. Gibbs says to refuse all pills until they are properly wrapped in cheese...and the more you spit them out, the more cheese you get.

    Muzzle? You don't look like a muzzle-needing dog! haha

  3. Oh no! How on earth did she get such an illness? Have fun getting those pills down. There are long pill poppers for cats and dogs. Our cats eat the food and spit the pills out. Poor Gracie, perhaps just one teeny cookie?

  4. Such a great picture of you and Gary and the grands! Gracie, when Koda was still around and he had to take medicine, we would "hide" it in pieces of cheese. Maybe you can convince Bobbi to do the same! You know the medicine is good for you!


  5. Oh what a lovely lady you are.

    Sorry about Gracie, not being in the pic, but... Chocolate is a no-no for dogs. Gracie should know that!!!! Tsh-tsk Gracie!

    Weight perfect, how lucky. Some infections. See Mama was right! To check.

    And I bet Mama knows how to fool you into taking pills, by now. Hee-heeee-heeee......

  6. TAKE your pills GRACIE. Your the perfect size now you have to be healthy too.

  7. Great picture! Gracie, you should be in the picture too:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. Gracie, So sorry you have to take pills. My cat Kaboodle (age 14) has been to the vet twice this week and has pills too. You be a good girl and do what momma asks! Lovely Easter pic Bobbi! xoxo

  9. Gracie you are a darling, and pretty even though sick. Do not spit out the pills, that is just wrong, girl.



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