Sunday, April 9, 2017

One Door Closing

Our favorite local do-it-yourself yogurt place is closing.

Leaving only fond memories of times spent at Frozen In Time, while sharing stories with the grands and fixing our own unique concoctions, choosing our favorite toppings.

So one last hurrah before the doors are closed to making future memories.

And some art work from some of the most progressive and talented artists I know....

They say that when one door closes another opens.

So when that next spur-of-the-moment desire hits for a delightful treat and a quick meet up with the grand-angels I can't help but wonder where...  or what will replace a treat such as Frozen In Time.

Gracie says she could care less.  Yogurt is not her thing.


  1. A sad ending to some good times. But I feel certain that being the grandma you are, another one will replace it soon. Marissa has beautiful handwriting! Better than mine for sure.

  2. Sad it is closing; wonderful memories I am sure made there. You'll have to let us know where your next "go to" will be when you need to go there to make some memories :)


  3. Oh, man, that's a shame. I always hate to see a Mom and Pop type place close. You'll have to hunt up a near-by ice cream parlor for those sudden cravings.
    Jack and Jill love yogurt.

  4. felt the same way when our ice cream store closed. eventually another one took its place. frozen yogurt is so yummy though. your place will be missed i know.

  5. -sigh- So sad, when beloved business', close their doors.

    Perhaps another effect of things like Obama Care? Small business' just can't pay all they are required to, by law, and stay in business. When it just gets too hard, they have to close down.

    Don't know this business, of course, so don't know the "why." But sad, regardless.

    Cute "Grand-Angels" you have there....

    Gentle Spring-time hugs,
    Luna Crone


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