Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Today's Reality

So...  this is the hotel we are leaning towards (Disney).  It's The Animal Kingdom hotel and you can watch the wildlife from your balcony.  I think the kids would love that!

That's great.  Means I can go hang out with the giraffes and deer while you guys take the cookie carriers to see the princesses and pirates 

All dreams for next years vacation set aside...  let's focus on todays reality.

Yea.  I'm hungry.  I don't think you've fed me yet today.

Yes, we got snow.

Probably a good 8-10 inches.

Why is that that every time something different happens you see fit for a photo op with the dog?  I mean... really...  put me down, woman!

It is really pretty though.

Yea.  Pretty hard to find a place to pee.


  1. I had this storm was a big one! I can see it in your pictures! Lots os snow! Hard to see Gracie in the white snow (LOL). That hotel at Disney sounds like a lot of fun. I agree, the grands will have a blast watching the wildlife from their windows.

    90 degrees here today in Phoenix.

    just saying


  2. The hotel will be divine!!! Like a zoo in your room! You got what we were supposed to get. they even called in the National Guard. But we only got a dusting. Gorillas look good in white.

  3. Nice hotel!
    That's quite a bit of snow! Poor Gracie, I'll bet her belly got cold. Looks like a lot of that white stuff for the kids to play in. A Nice fun day and some good sleep, I'll bet!

  4. Looks like alot of fun. The hotel and the snow.

  5. Oh that looks like fun to watch the animals from the balcony:) Love seeing the snow pics! It is cold here but no snow! Enjoy your day and stay warm, HUGS!

  6. Fun!!!! Coming!!!!!

    And I was thinking the same thought, as Gracie.... About our next door son's family dog! Poor little Lily would get lost, unless someone shoveled a bit of a space for her!!!! :-)

    but Gracie is even more "in danger." She is WHITE!!!! :-)

  7. Love the hotel.

    That is a lot of snow! Gracie, you stay safe and warm!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day with lots of love!


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