Monday, March 27, 2017

First Cut

Daughter called me yesterday, sounding frantic/stressed out/beside herself.  

She had decided to give Summer aka grand angel #3 her first hair cut.  It was supposed to be a minor trim but the more Summer fidgeted,  the shorter the hair got as she tried to make it even.  

"It's okay," I said.  "I will be up in about an hour and we'll take her to the mall to get it straightened out."

Keep in mind, this was her very first cut.  Trimming those long golden locks was a major event.  That it had failed and looked hideous (really, an exaggeration.  It wasn't that bad) sent daughter into panic mode and by the time we got to the mall Summer wanted to walk with Grammy and hold onto Grammy's hand.   She'd had enough of Mom!

The day was saved by a very sweet beautician who trimmed it up and straightened it and assured daughter that it was not that bad really.

Rissi got a trim as well, and a peace blanketed what was once a frantic mama feeling she had betrayed her baby girl with the worse hair cut ever.

And I got to spend some of the finest of moments with a princess who kept flipping back her now much shorter hair and peeking at herself in the mirror obviously feeling just a little  bit more grown up.

Hello!  Remember me?  The dog?  Do  you not want to mention my hair cut?   It might not have been my first, but still.  


  1. Doesn't that look nice - now that it's been straightened out. I remember one of my mom's haircuts ... whew! She's a very lovely and lucky girl!

  2. You've changed the look of your blog! I love it! So colorful and pretty. The very first picture is priceless!! And I bet she would look adorable no matter HOW her hair looks! Same for you, Gracie!

  3. Glad Summer survived the ordeal. Her new DO looks lovely. More grownup, indeed. And GRACIE you always look stunning, haircut or not.

  4. She looks adorable with her new short hair do!! Darling with her sister too :)

    We were just talking about hair cuts and children yesterday when son was over with the kids. The wee one at 13 months old doesn't really need a hair cut but son mentioned about possibly cutting it himself (he does his own hair cutting stuff). Son had gorgeous blond curly hair when he was young. Hubby got a bit tired of hearing him called as a girl, so he took him to get his hair cut. I was so distraught with the thought of the curls gone that I couldn't even go along, LOL. The result was really quite nice and he did look more boyish :) Now at 28 years old he has black hair; go figure :)


  5. Summer looks so pretty. Love the new look. Gracie, you look marvelous, too! Hope you all are enjoying a nice week.

  6. Summer is still the cutest kid ever, long hair or short. You are such a blessed grandma. And, yes, Gracie, you are cute too.


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