Sunday, January 8, 2017


Today I packaged up the magic and put it away.  Gone is Christmas for 2017.  

But first, it was a weekend of fun for the grand-angels.  Every single one of them.

It's the first time we had all five of them together at once.

Much fun was had with the train and the Christmas village.

Then a little virtual reality play...

The kids put new meaning to paraffin wax treatments, dipping their hands in the warm wax under the supervision of daughter Lindsey.

The tablecloth took a beating, or should I say a waxing...  but I was getting tired of that old thing anyway.  Next year if this world is still in place and Christmas comes again...  I will replace it with another.

With much smoother hands, it was time to get back to the business of ice skaters gliding on the fiberoptic pond, kids sled riding and building snowmen,  lighted carnivals with musical carousels and wrecked trains.

There's magic in that Christmas village.  I know, because I see it on the faces of those who gaze longingly into the life that lives beyond those tracks.

I hope the magic that is now stored away in plastic containers for the season is stored away in the hearts of these precious little people and that long after we are gone, they will remember the love that Pop-Pop and Grammy put into making Christmas special for them.

Saying goodbye to our NJ grand-angel was hard.  But sweet time was spent with him, and we are thankful for their visit and the opportunity to spend quality time with him and his mommy and daddy.

Gracie, your turn.

Finally!  Peace and quiet!  But hey...  I liked 'em.  Especially the kid.  He kept smiling at me and asking to pet me and saying I was white.  I liked that he noticed.   I felt special.   Gracie.


  1. Hi Bobbi, Your photos captured the JOY of each of the grandchildren. Such sweet and loving memories they will have of their time together with you both (and Gracie). Hope you have a pleasant evening.

  2. What a memorable Christmas! Good job Grandma! You made a special day happen for everyone. (Even Gracie!)

  3. Wonderful Christmas pictures! And I always love seeing the village. And the beautiful tree. The Village seems to be the very center of all your beautiful Christmases. It is magical. SWEET LITTLE GRACIE!!! She looks so forlorn and wide eyed in this picture. And just a bit worn out from the festivities (and maybe a bit too many cookie crumbs).

  4. GRACIE you are adorable but so are all those grands. The wax and smooth hands made me smile. glad you had a good time with everyone.

  5. You are a cool grandmother in that you realize the table clothe is "just" a table cloth and can be replaced next year. The memories made on it, though, could potentially last a lifetime! Glad you had the opportunity to have all 5 grands with you!


  6. What a fun time to have all of those sweetie-pies together:) I LOVE your train village! I know that you enjoy it and hate to pack it away! Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!


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