Sunday, December 11, 2016

Santa is Real

 He came into this world fighting for his life.

 Angels had been appointed to watch over him.  

We prayed.  We believed.

And on that year there was proof that Santa did indeed exist, because he was 
there at our house on Christmas day.

To my handsome, beautiful blue-eyed, sensitive, sweet, energetic, thoughtful, kind, busy boy Jake.  
Grammy loves you more than you will ever know...  

Happy 9th Birthday buddy!


  1. What a beautiful boy he has become! The angels saw him through.

  2. Happy Birthday Jake! I do believe God has a wonderful plan for his life!


  3. Happy belated birthday to Jake. And Summer, how time flies, indeed. I read every post that appears here just to catch up and I'm glad all of you are doing well. Gracie's Santa looks a bit like Samson, I think. Samson is mad at me for not posting, so he may soon take matters into his own hands, sorry paws. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. Samson sends Gracie his love and says he has not forgotten her.


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