Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Hatchimals Kind of Christmas

 Just some of the days highlights...

Gracie...  tell all of our bloggy friends about the trouble you got into today...

  Mom and Dad had to leave for a while and this one package that presumably belongs to Jasper who was not here to open it...  well...  it started taunting me and teasing me and since I was forced to wear jingle bells all day today I was in a bad mood anyways and so...   I didn't do it.  New toy fox did it. 


  1. well Gracie, you "sort" of confessed to what you may (or may not) have done. Otherwise, it looks like a delightful day and time was spent enjoying Christmas!


  2. I believe you Gracie. You would NEVER do such a thing! Why, the very both look so good! And the girls are so excited!! I heard on the news that you cannot find Hatchimals anywhere now. They are THE big toy of the year. So either you know a black market toy salesman, or you got yours way ahead of time!

  3. Those Hatchimals look cute. Never heard of them. NEAT for sure. GRACIE I completely BELIEVE every word you said. You are a GOOD doggie. Not a bad bone in your body.

  4. GREAT pictures:) I just saw that Hatchathingies on GMA and how SO many of them didn't hatch:( Looks like yours were all good ones! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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