Friday, November 25, 2016

The Fad and and Some Other Stuff

Last year on Thanksgiving:

(Awe Jasper...  I missed him this year)

Unfortunately, this year a family separation resulted in holidays without the boys so much...    Divorce...  ugh...   Family is scattered and things are never the same.

But on a high note:  I am Christmas shopping and I will be decorating soon.  Tis the season!!  And it will be one awesome Christmas!

So how was your Thanksgiving?

Did you go Black Friday shopping?  Not me! I shopped early on Amazon and I snagged that hard-to-get item for the grands (FIVE TOTAL!!)  at regular price ..... yep...  the hottest and most sought after toy ~ the one thats all the rage this year!!   Can you guess what that item is?  People are now
 paying five and six times the regular price because their kids just HAVE TO HAVE ONE!    Ha!
I'll let you think about that one.

Today I visited Ellie.  My niece.  My rambunctious, playful, annoying, wild, crazy, doxie/lab black niece.  It was interesting watching the antics of the little trouble-maker.   She'll learn.  She's just a kid.  Gracie.


  1. I know you all missed Jasper. Our family lives too far apart to get together for the holidays now. I am not a big shopper, so I stayed safely at home today! lol
    We have a 6 yr old girl next door - so I have to keep up with the latest movies etc. for little ones!
    I always look forward to your Christmas decorating. I love your little village that you set up.
    Gracie, you look so sweet. Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. You got Hatchimals! I have been trying to get ONE for the longest time with no luck! lucky you!
    Divorce is horrid when the kids are young, but we have all been throngh it.... not easy.


  3. The Jasper video is so cute! Sorry that this was kind of a sad holiday for you, that is too bad. I have THREE kids to shop for, and do not know what this toy is!!! Now I have to know. We shopped all day and had lots of luck with gifts.

  4. It is sad about the divorce, life is full of disappointments. Sounds like even that has not quashed the Christmas spirit.
    We had a quiet Thanksgiving, but did get our dinner last night. I am still stuffed!
    I made 1 online purchase for Christmas - it's a start.

  5. Now I am so curious what the sought after gift is this year! I remember diligent attempts to find that toy in years past for the children. Glad you snagged the ones you needed!

    So sorry about separation/divorce and not having Jasper there to be parts of the celebration. Without going into much details, this could be our scenario next year I sadly fear :(

    We put our Christmas lights up on Thanksgiving and tree to come up this next coming weekend :) Not buying many gifts this year so avoided Black Friday. I think one day at the store and I'll have it all done :)




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