Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Boy

Today I'd like to talk about my # 1 son, Jack.

Jack and Aunt Lindy
For some reason...  today my heart is back in time.  It could be because, as I type this blog entry, my 38-year old boy is in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Hospital, an hour into his surgery to have a resection of his intestine, appendectomy, and repaired hernia.  The three-for-one special.  He's always opted for for a good sale.  That's my boy.  

It's the most vulnerable he has been since those childhood days.

Hangin' with Grandma
I was to be there with him, but I woke up sick.  My physical sick does not compare to my heart-sick right now, waiting for updates from many miles away.

 And as I wait, I think of the baby that I watched as he slept in the crib at night, me not being able to go to sleep because I could not believe how lucky I was.  The boy that loved to fish and hunt and tease his sister.  The boy who laughed a lot and liked to make trouble.  The one with the ornery smile and who made race car tracks in the sand.  Who was adventurous and funny.  Who insisted on searching for seashells at the crack of dawn.  Who loved his family.  Who would never give up.  The boy with the beautiful heart that would do anything for anybody.  The boy who is now a man,  a truly good guy with a good heart.     

Another four hours.  And hopefully I will get a call saying it's over and everything went well.  But in the meantime I will try not to worry and I will do my best to trust God.  And I will think about the boy who has grown into one of the finest of men.  

And about how thankful I am for the new generation of boys...

That with any luck will grow up to be good men, just like their dad.

If you think about it, send up a prayer for my boy Jack.  


  1. Oh Bobbi, this made me cry. Sending you a huge hug and I hope you have heard something by now on how well Jack did. Before I forget, that was one heck of a big turkey!

    I pray he makes a quick recovery and will be back home soon. He's a fine looking young man with 2 handsome sons.

    Update us when you know something on how he is doing. It is hard to not worry about them, no matter what age our babies are.


  2. Sorry to hear you have worried yourself sick. Relax, please.

    Go down memory lane later when you know everything is fine.

    I admit, he has been on my mind a bit today, too, but worrying isn't trusting.

    Take this hug and wrap up in it and feel better soon!

  3. You really know how to pull words from your heart and put them in others😍

  4. Update: he is out of surgery ... in a LOT OF PAIN 😰 Have not talked with doctor yet.

  5. Awww, Bobbi. I am so sorry, he really is getting all fixed up at once. We all know what a super hospital Johns Hopkins is. Nothing gets by them. So what is going on with his intestines? As you know, Phil recently had almost two feet of his intestines taken out. It was Memorial Day and an emergency surgery. And he is fine now. And your son is a whole lot younger, that is a huge thing in his favor. Please keep us updated. Saying a special prayer for Jack. And how are you?

  6. Praying for your Son and his Mama! I pray that the surgery is a success and that the recovery is quick and complete! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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