Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Me:  (checking out at the doctors office):  How much do I owe?

Receptionist:  That will be $113

Me:  If I pay today in full, will I get a discount?

Receptionist:  Yes, you will get 10% discount if you pay today.

Yes! I knew it!  I remembered from last time that payment in full meant a discount of ten percent!!  Christian Healthcare Ministries (whom I will submit my bills to for reimbursement) urges us to ask for a patient pay discount since CHM is not considered an insurance.  I have the receptionist give me a detailed receipt to show the discount.  I am doing my job and doing it well!

So I submit my bills to CHM, very proudly stating that I got my 10% discount for my doctor visit.

Yesterday I get a bill in the mail for $11 from my doctor.



They want me to pay the discounted eleven dollars now?

So I call.  No answer.  Leave a message.

Should I pay the stupid $11 or fight the battle?

Breath in.  Breath out.

I know, it's only a measly eleven dollars.  But.  I am consistently on the phone fighting similar battles with people/organizations/ad reps etc. who tell me one thing and then change the rules midstream.

Stress.  Not worth it.

Writing the check... Now!

Dear Ellie,

My wonderful, beautiful, energetic, annoying, neice:
Well kid, today's your big day.  One year old.  So ya think it's all fun and games, don't ya kid?  Well, well, well.  Does life have a surprise in store for you!  Oh sure, you'll get ice cream and toys tonight and everyone will comment on how cute you are and how they can't believe it's been a year.  They'll even excuse you if you do an accidental poop on the floor.  After all, today is your day.  But tomorrow is the beginning of the I'm no longer a cute puppy I'm now a dog part of your life.  Accidents will no longer be accidents.  Thieving pizza is not without intense punishment, my friend.  You will find yourself in jail more often than not if ya don't change the attitude and buckle up, buttercup.  The ride into adulthood is about to begin.  Oh, and by the way...  just in case I don't make it up your way to say it to your face, happy first year goofball.  Let's see if you can't keep that tail under control now, ya hear?  Gracie.


  1. What a pain to get a bill for your 'discount' greedy, bleep, bleep doctor's office! You do see that they haven't got their ducks in a row at that place!

    Happy Birthday to Ellie! Getting to be a big girl now!

  2. Hmmmm, well, what a sweet birthday greeting from one pup to the other! I guess writing the check was O.K., since there is so much stress in life anyway.

  3. Happy birthday Ellie! I agree with you, Bobbi, for 11 dollars its worth it just to write the check and move on. Could take months to work it all out if you hadn't and what needs the stress.


  4. What ever happened to "But it's the principal of the thing that counts"

  5. Have you been pleased with Christian Healthcare? We are looking at that option for about 18 months. We haven't decided yet but it seems better coverage than regular insurance. Basically you pay about $150 a month? Pay cash for visits under $300 or $500? Then you are reimbursed if the total bill is over that amount? I know that seems the simplified version but is that about how it works?


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