Monday, September 26, 2016

Where We End Up

This was on the car in front of me the other day as I was stopped at a light.  I thought it was funny.

Fall is in the air.  

For some reason, autumn leaves covering the ground sadden me.  Don't get me wrong.  I think it is beautiful.  But.  It represents the death of spring and of summer.  And...  what comes after fall is not at all appealing to me.  Winter can be harsh and bitter and cold.  And for me, the last couple of winters have brought enormous losses.  

This old world spins out of control sometimes.  And we have no say as to where it tosses us or where we end up.  We just have to hold on tight and say a prayer.

 Gracie says:

You run the race, you eat the food, you play with the toys....

And then you rest...


  1. I totally agree about fall, leaves, and winter. Totally.

  2. Fall is so beautiful and yet it's spoiled by our apprehension of freezing our buns off in a short while, high energy bills, and cabin fever. Sigh ...

    Enjoy that nap, Gracie.

  3. So true we jusr have to say a prayer and trust in God. Gracie does look tired.


  4. Winter is my least favorite season, so it is sad to see the leaves falling. Looks like Gracie had a fantastic birthday. She is precious.
    Love & prayers from here. xo

  5. Kind of goes along with my post today. Love to you and yours Gracie. Rest is good for the soul also.

  6. Hi sweet Bobbi, Funny that you shared the ending up in the sticker bush story with me today BECAUSE...John and I stopped at a little nursery earlier today. The lady had one quince bush left (it has red blooms about the time that forsythia (yellow bells) blooms in spring. I was telling the lady and John that when I was little, my sister and I rode our bikes down to grandma's house. She had a quince and a yellow bell planted at the corner of her driveway and I ended up right in the middle of them!!! And quince has thorns! lol
    Always a joy to chat with you. God bless you. xo

  7. We ate your stick family decals, now that is funny.


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