Thursday, September 22, 2016

Just Some goofing off and a Reminder

I was goofing off with an app I have on my new iPad pro.  Put a couple pictures together when it hit me...  Gary and I have been 'together' for over 15 years!  Married for 14 now.  And we are getting old and gray.  

Just about every anniversary is spent at DONNA's in Berlin, Ohio.  


And speaking of getting older...  Gracie, I believe you have something to say about this....

Why yes, I do.  Get out your pen and paper all you pups and kitteh's out there.  This SATURDAY..  that's September 24, I will be celebrating 12 years of life.  Yeppers!  Mark it down so you can wish me a happy birthday send me presents.  I see Dairy Queen in my near future and I will be not be sharing.  But I will think of you with every. single. bite. For now, I'm tired just thinking about it.  Time for Wally and me to have our afternoon siesta.  Ta-ta for now. 


  1. Happy Birthday Gracie! And Happy Anniversary to your peeps!

    Love from the Bridge.

    Come meet the new and wild TigerLily over at Yorkie Tails

  2. You guys are far from being old folks. Happy Anniversary to you! And Gracie, don't think I don't see that HUGE basket of toys in the background. Are they all yours? You are such a lucky dog, so loved, and if I may say so, spoiled a little. Enjoy yor Dairy Queen outing and have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

    Samson Says: Happy Birthday, my sweet Gracie girl. You don't look a day older than when we first met. So cute -- and those ears of yours. Sending lots of licks and kisses.

    Faith Says: I've never seen so many toys in my life! Samson's girlfriend must be very rich! Used to the good life. Could be expensive if they got married.

  3. Hi Bobbi, You two are a beautiful couple and a real inspiration. Gracie, I hope you will have a deluxe DQ treat for your special day. Sending love and hugs to each of you! xoxo

  4. You are still a good looking couple! How fortunate you are!

    Gracie, 12? Maybe she needs some warm milk and crackers. Just kidding, Gracie!

  5. You did a really good job with the two pictures! You both look the same to me! Happy Birthday sweet Gracie!!

  6. How cute with the side to side pictures of you and Gary! You guys looked great then and you guys look great now!! Happy early birthday to you Gracie! I now you'll be showered with lots of treats on your special day!


  7. Did not have your email, so I am responding here...My niece saw Theo in a shelter and he was going to be euthanized back in January. He is only 2 years old. We fell in love with him and he came to live with us. He is definitely John's dog, which is funny cause I do everything for him! We both love and enjoy him but we still miss Harriet, also.


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