Thursday, September 29, 2016


It's raining.  You don't really want to see a picture of the rain, do you?

I didn't think so.

It is good that it is raining though, because the earth needed it.  Autumn has arrived and I have actually semi-put away the flip flops.  They are there, sitting near the closet but not in the closet.  Just in case.

Gracie is enjoying the cooler temperatures and my grand dog Ellie is enjoying the kids being home from school today (Parent-Teacher conference day) because Summer has dressed her up like a princess.

My weekend begins now (I have a 4 day work week)...  and I am glad.


What's up with the picture of the spoiled one?  She's ruining your blog post, Mom!  Seriously!


  1. Huh, Gracie. That sofa you are relaxing on looks pretty sweet, so I say both you and Ellie look to be maybe a little both spoiled.

    and I heard that SPOILED can be a GOOD thing!

  2. Doesn't Ellie look sweet!
    Don't get your dander up, Gracie, there are treats enough for two.
    Rain! We are still waiting. It's so dry and dusty here. DH mowed the yard and he was sending up plumes of dust flying in the breeze. The cooler temps aren't too hard to take though.
    Do the kids have tomorrow off too?

  3. Gracie, you are so much cuter! You do not need to dress like a princess, you already ARE one.

  4. This is my first time seeing Ellie. How cute that Summer dressed her up!
    Gracie you look very sophisticated on your lounging couch!
    Bobbi, I hope you enjoy the weekend!

  5. Ellie is a very patient dog to allow herself to be dressed like a princess. A certain corgi I once knew would never have tolerated it ;)

    Enjoy your long weekend! I would actually not mind seeing pictures of the rain, living in a desert, we don't see it too often :)


  6. Well hello Princess Ellie:) It isn't raining here but is cool! Have a blessed day and tell Gracie I said HI:) HUGS!

  7. We like to see cute faces,, the more the better!


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