Friday, July 8, 2016

Getting Political.... uh oh!

I am going to ramble here.  First I'd like to talk about racism.  I know.  A touchy subject in light of what is going on in our country.  It seems to me that politicians try to make trouble with the people in order to gain power.  The media too.  I see evil people.  It is my belief that our current president has created a division in our country, through pitting blacks against whites and religions against other religions.  No hate mail, please.  This is my opinion and you are entitled to yours.  My conclusions go more like this:  Good vs. evil.

During our nightly walk with Gracie we encounter many neighbors on their porches, washing their cars, walking their dogs, etc.  One neighbor will go out of his way to speak to us and give us a friendly smile, while another will purposely keep from making eye contact.  The nicest, kindest guy we run across is the black guy up the street.  I hope I am not condemned for calling him black...  but I don't think he would mind, because he is.  And I am white.  And the guy who won't speak or make eye contact is of foreign decent.  None of that makes a difference though, you know?  The color of our skin.  Our religion.  Our beliefs.  It is who we are.  My point is to be kind and courteous to everyone.  And do not make assumptions or create divisions where there need not be strife...  only love.

There are many other 'issues' taking place in our current events.  Pro life vs pro choice.  Homosexual vs heterosexual.  Christianity vs Muslim.  Feminist vs masculist.  And the list goes on and on.

News is no longer televised at 12, 6 and 11.  You can now know what is happening when it is happening.  The problem is, the media runs out of news and so they have to manipulate and create news that will elevate our blood pressure and divide us even more as a nation.  God help us.

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, opinions and sought-out resources.  We are one nation under GOD.  The problem I see is that there are a whole lot of 'gods' that have manipulatively replaced the one true GOD.    I am thankful to know a GOD who has given me standards through his WORD that I will not be swayed or manipulated by current events.  I simply go to my Bible and if He says it, then I know it is true and right.   I am thankful for teachers and scholors who can lead me to a better understanding when I become confused.  I am thankful for my own mind.  My own heart.  My own soul.  That not one person can change my heart, only GOD.

I am saddened by the state of our country.   We have become self centered and corrupt in our thinking because we have been manipulated into believing lies.

I am drawn to true, honest people.  Whether they believe as I do or not...  if they have integrity and truth as their core, then I enjoy my time with them.   GOD Is love and satan is a liar.  GOD's love is clear as a bell.  satan's lies are deceiving and ugly.

I believe there are angels among us.  Good and evil ones.  Be careful.


  1. This is one of the many reasons I Love You!

  2. I agree. Too much bad stuff going down and the media feeds on those who would do evil. Tired of the frenzy.

  3. There are white people killed by police too, but we never hear about that. I told hubby and someone else on their blog that all that are killed by police for whatever reason should get front page news, not just people of color or no one should get front page news. The media sensationalizes it and causes uproar on whatever side you might be on, if you are taking a side.

    My prayer is that people will stay calm and let the investigators do their work and wait until what they come up with.

    I embrace all. I wouldn't have been like that a few years ago, but as I have matured, I've come to have different mindsets than before. DIL is a person of color and she was scared to meet us at the beginning, having dealt with less than pleasant experiences from other guys she dated. Son said not to worry and he was right. We welcomed her as family from day one, really not aware of the color of our skins.

    She has a friend that she worked with that was of the homosexual way of thinking. We met him a few times and he liked us, which I thought was interesting that he would like us after a few minutes of talking, but we had the opportunity to invite him and some of his friends over the other day for a 4th of July celebration a day early. We had the best of times and DIL was able to testify in a way of answers to prayer and how God answers prayer because she had gone through a rough patch with a previous manager (she works retail) and was getting discouraged. I said I would pray and a short time later this guy became manager at the store. They bonded immediately and her work life became so much more better. I would always say when his name came up that he was an answer to prayer and she told him that when he was over the other day and told him how I had prayed about it.

    I like to think we opened a door that I hope God continues to allow us to open further.

    We just have to love people, no matter who or what they are. Just like God loves us :)

    Sorry for the mini novel I wrote.


  4. The world is full of people who are each unique in their own way. And they may believe in things we do, or do not understand because of their background or culture. Sometimes we're leery of them and they are leery of us. We need to embrace each other in love. Sounds a bit idealistic I know. But walking in fear is not the right path. We have on so many levels become a police state in this country, militarizing local cops to a point that sparks trouble. They profile based on race, even if they say they don't. But what's more frightening is they are also doing it in regard to mental illness. That blatantly violates CIVIL RIGHTS. My daughter is a Tibetan Buddhist. So we learned long ago to have an open mind about religion. Buddha says, " To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.”

  5. You speak the truth. In an eloquent way.

  6. Well said. We live in a multi-cultural neighborhood and attend a church whose members come from every race and different backgrounds. It looks like what heaven will be like. Every tribe and nation. It operates on putting Christ at the center and walking in unity. The media thrives on stirring up bad things daily which feeds the haters.

  7. You are brave for speaking out.
    You are also wise.
    Thanks for your words.

  8. Came upon this as I was scrolling down looking for something by Gracie. So glad I read it, thank you. When I hear negative comments about another race or religion, I often think, what would Jesus do. I'm sure he would not condemn or divide.


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