Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Way It Should Be

Once upon a time...  there was this man...

He was a kind and generous man...

Loved by many....

He knew how to laugh, relax, and take life easy at times...

He also knew how to work hard and provide for his family...

He wasn't perfect.  But he was perfect for me.

A kinder heart I've never known.

I wonder at times, why he was taken from this world so early in his life...

His sweet, gentle love is the legacy he left behind....  his quiet demeaner and giving spirit will always be remembered.   

In a day and age where kids are often led to believe that fathers do not matter much, I embrace my past and my own dad who gave me so little materialistic-wise but gave me so much more in setting an example in his kindness towards others and love for his family.

Today we celebrate Dad's.   We live in an angry and self centered age today.  I believe it is because of the lack of importance put on the role of father's in the lives of their children.  

My God says that father's are the head of the family.  Their importance is repeated in the Bible over and over again.  satan has worked diligently to prove the opposite... 

 Peace be with all father's today and may the love you give your children come back to  you one-hundred times over.  


  1. Nice tribute to your dad, Bobbi! Wouldn't it be nice to just sit and have a chat with him about now? I miss talking with my dad the most. Yes, today, dads are under-rated and it's such a shame. I am wishing Gary has a nice Father's Day! I hope memories are in the making there as well.

  2. A sweet tribute to your dad. Happy Father's Day to your husband too.

  3. What a great tribute to your dad! He and your mom made a great looking couple!


  4. So well said and from the heart.


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