Thursday, June 16, 2016

She Needs To Get A Life

A nosy jealous concerned neighbor took it upon herself to call the zoning board to make sure we had a permit to have our pool put in.  Funny she hadn't noticed it until now.  But I did find her  behavior the other day a little unusual.  Gary was on the deck installing the ladder and I was catching some rays.  She kept pacing in her yard and watching us.  I'm pretty sure she is the same unidentified caller that commanded me to take Gracie inside when she was barking (several years ago) in the yard.  Funny how she will never leave her name.  Just, "a neighbor".   Lets call her mystery woman.   Some people are miserable...  and they want to make everyone else that way too.  How is my pool hurting her?  And what does she care if we have a pool permit or not?  The pool is behind a 6ft privacy fence and if she hadn't seen us on the deck the other day she would not have even known a pool existed.

The pool was installed in 2013 and yes, the contractors were to file for a permit and I'm quite sure we have that permit.  Somewhere.  Zoning must have lost it.  Another mystery.

We searched high and low.   We found receipts for everything from the king size bed we purchased several years ago to  a ten year old computer.  But no pool papers.  

And so we needed to contact the contractor who installed the pool.  We paid cash... so no canceled checks nor credit card statement with the purchase.  

We cannot even remember the name of the contractor!  

So, we let our fingers do the walking through the yellow pages..  or rather..  online.  No luck.
It seems the pool permit is just as much a mystery as the mystery woman concerned about the permit.    As is the name, address and phone number of the contractor.  

Somewhere.  In this home of disorganization.  Lives a large, clear bag with a receipt, warranty, and permit and with the letters POOL on the outside.  

We sent the $25 fine to the zoning office and signed a paper with the pool plans and now we will receive a permit in the mail.  And hopefully Ms. Busybody our concerned neighbor can rest easy and enjoy her life as we will be enjoying ours.

Why can't people be more like dogs?


  1. YES, people can learn a lot of lessons from dogs! What a cranky neighbor. Some people are not happy unless they are stirring things up.

  2. All this amuses me so. I figure it's the noise. If she didn't like the dog barking she probably doesn't like the splashing and voices that come from the pool. lol I say....start doing big ole belly flops and can openers and screaming with joy at each jump! lol

  3. Oh that's too bad, hopefully she will leave y'all alone:( Like you said, it is behind a privacy fence! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I know you aren't out there at 2 a.m. laughing and hollering with music blaring. I could see a complaint then. Perhaps she is jealous and lonely. Have you spoken to her in a neighborly, 'come join us at the pool' sort of way? Maybe she thinks you are the snob?

    Guess not having close neighbors isn't so bad after all ...

  5. Samson Says: I so agree with that last comment. And, Gracie, my sweet love, trust me, Faith is my sister and about as annoying as any sister can ever be. My heart belongs to you, my sweet/feisty little girl.

  6. Just don't get why it would bother her so much, unless like you said, she's jealous, but then she can make plans and budget to get her own pool. I can see if it was something that was common, like a fence or wall, that would impact property lines but this is not like that. I'm glad you were able to "fix" it with the $25 to get a permit. Watch, you'll find the other paperwork now. And let's hope maybe she'll decide to put her home on the market at some point soon.



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