Thursday, April 28, 2016

Saving The Little Ones

And the rains came threatening to sabatoge the family just outside my office window...

There's something about the little ones.  The innocent.  The poor, defenceless babies 
weathering life storms...    I feel helpless.  

Me:  "Gary!  We have to do something!" 

And so, my knight climbed the step ladder and puttied the hole where the 
rains were flooding the nest.

Soon mama bird returned and gave the little ones a piece of her mind.  I could hear her chirping from inside my office and I watched her bobbing back and forth in extreme animation, probably telling them that they should never allow humans anywhere near the home while she is away.

If they only knew....

Dear Diary,

There are days when I feel like a pup again.  Could be dementia.  Could be just plain spunk on my part.  Maybe one is only as old as one feels acts.  It felt good to rip up that package of tissues and spread them all over the floor.  Real good.  Gracie.


  1. great job Gracie, you sure do have a lot of spunk in you.

  2. Thank you Gary. The birds are safe. Good for you Gracie. If you do something, own up to it. Everybody feels better.

  3. Happy to know that the nest can now dry out for the baby birds.

    Gracie, it's a good thing your mom has a no spank policy.

  4. Gracie!!!! Oh well, you just wanted to remind them that you still "rule the roost".

    Son and daughter in law have a Jack Russell Terrier mix. He knows when he has done something bad and one look from them, he knows to go into his crate. Maybe you'll be confined to a crate, Gracie, so you better "shape up,"

    That was the sweetest gesture, Bobbie, for Gary to fix the hole so the little birds didn't get wet!! Only a mother though would figure out something needed to be done!!!



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