Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's a Happy Birthday


Dear Diary,

Today is Mom's birthday.  She is older than dirt at sixty-one.  Lindsey is taking her out for dinner today and she said I could go  she didn't ask me I hope she brings home a doggie bag for yours truly.   I mean, come on.  Her heart belongs to the dog...   Disregard any gift from Dad of personalized propaganda that you may have witnessed at the beginning of this blog post.   Gracie.


  1. happy birthday to your dear mom

  2. Happy Birthday, Gracie's Mom! Lovely keepsake.
    So, did y'all have any goodies to share with Gracie?
    (Hint, hint, hint)
    I hope the day is special.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Enjoy every moment.

  4. Happy birthday Bobbi! I love the locket; so very cute :)

    Gracie, you need to watch what you eat now that you are getting older. You shouldn't be getting any doggie bags brought home!



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