Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Days Like These

Sometimes.  I have a bad day.  

Nothing seems to go right.

But then I count my blessings and the gray clouds drift away.  

Dear Diary,

I wish I knew why mom, the nag keeps taking pictures of me.  
Every pose.  Every breath.  Every move.  
How cute!  She says.  Not cute.  It's annoying.  Gracie. 


  1. Nice pic of you and the grandlittles!

    Face it, Gracie, you are simply to cute not to take pics.

  2. I think moms are silly.. my mommy does the same thing!

  3. I know I say this every time, but they sure are growing! So handsome and beautiful!

    Gracie, your mom wants to capture every moment with you for memories!!


  4. Beautiful pic of you and the grandchildren. hey GRACIE when you're a star ( the blog has your name on it) photos are the price you pay. By the way, you do indeed look cute.


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