Monday, February 29, 2016

Getting Older

Mom says:  "Gracie-girl you're getting old."

Her and Dad took me for a walk to a place called Cumberland canal yesterday.  It was the highlight of my day week year!  There were mountains to climb and valleys to trample and to discover.  A fresh warm breeze filled my snout with the most wonderful smells.  

And even though on the way down (in the Buick) I got stuck between the front and back seats because I discovered I can't jump around quite like I used to, I weathered that walk like a real pup adolescent dog   kind of-athletic cockapoo.   

Mom feels sad that I'm getting older.  I know, because she is always burying her face into my curly ear and whispering things like, "I love you, Gracie girl" and "My poor baby's getting older."

Sometimes she or dad will invite me to play and it's a lot easier to hide under the table with my toy  after I retrieve it than to try to wrestle them for it.     

Often my legs shake uncontrollably.  I don't even know why.  I have trouble jumping on the bed sometimes.  Dad is going to build me a ramp, he says.  I tell him...  "I thought I wasn't allowed on the bed??"  BOL!  Yea, right.  That was back when people ruled.  Now, cockapoos rule.  

Mom, this is embarrassing.  Don't show my friends the video of my shaking legs from yesterday!!!

Oh well.  Whatever.  

Hey, I still got some spunk left in me and even though I'm getting lots of lumps and bumps and arthritis and such...  I am still energetic, enthusiastic, and full of life.  Right after this nap....


  1. At least, Gracie, a white muzzle will not give away your age! Lol.
    We are all getting older, not much we can do about it. Right?

  2. Oh Gracie, you rest up. It's hard getting older especially for the people that love you. I'm glad to hear you are still as spunky as ever! XOXO

  3. You still look like a spring chicken Gracie! That was good that you were out exercising though; taking walks, even if you are a bit slower than before, is a good thing to do! I hope you'll be around for a whole lot longer!


  4. You look quite spunky to me my friend!!

  5. Oh Gracie, we all are getting older. Just keep moving Sweetie, just keep moving:) One day at a time! BIG HUGS!

  6. You are doing just fine Gracie girl.
    Love you!
    Monica : )

  7. Gracie, we are all getting old. You are still as cute as can be and your Samson loves you to pieces. He's oputside right now, so he didn't see this yet, but I will tell him about your outing and that you still GOT IT.



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