Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hey all!  Good news.  Mom says this blog is now mine to do what I want with. 


She says she doesn't know where to go with this blog anymore.  

She says she keeps repeating herself. 

She says she is boring.

I tend to agree.  BOL!!!!

She is getting old ya know.   No, I mean really.  She repeats herself a lot and I think its cause she's senile   old.

She gets in my way a lot too.  I'm talking about hogging the bed.  Seriously.  I think six inches on the edge of the bed should be plenty of space for her.  I mean.  If she lays on her side and maybe loses a few pounds she won't take up nearly as much room.  Sometimes I just have to give her a push with my hind legs just...  a ...  little...  

And then..

I can stretch out and be comfortable.  


  1. Bobbi you aren't boring :) Gracie, you need to learn to share the bed (and even the blog :) Remember, your mom is the one who feeds you, y ou don't want to get on her bad side.


  2. Ahem ... So Gracie, what are you planning for Thanksgiving Dinner? Or are you going somewhere? Have you put up your decorations for the Great Turkey? What interesting books have you read lately? Did you read the one I sent? Or hasn't your Mom set it up for you? How cold is it there? Any sign of frost on the pumpkin? Find anything new on facebook? I have seen some good recipes that your Mom could cook for the cookie holders. Sorry your Mom thinks she's boring, that's too bad.

  3. Gracie, please tell your mommy I feel exactly the same way about my blog. I guess I have to give it over to Samson and Faith. As you always do, they may make it more fun and interesting. Samson sends love and kisses to you, particularly to your ears.

  4. Your momma is not boring at all.. that is silly!

  5. We love you Gracie but you must allow Mom to have some sleep so she can tell us what's on her mind. Share, and share alike.

  6. Gracie, I love hearing from your AND your Mom:) I look forward to seeing what you are up to! Go easy on your Mom, getting old isn't fun for us:) HUGS!



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