Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lumpy and Bumpy

I took Gracie to see the vet about a month ago because she had lumps growing on her hind end.  The vet did a biopsy right there in the office and it turned out that everything was fine.

Now I am noticing more lumps.  The one on her hind end has grown to twice the size and now there is a pretty big one on her front chest just above the top of her legs.  

There is also a different kind of a bump/lump that is growing on her back.  

She seems fine and eats and drinks well, but I'm a little concerned about my findings.

I go through her fur from top to bottom almost every night, looking for fleas/bugs/bumps or whatever.  

On Tuesday I will call the vet and make another appointment for her to be seen.  I'm sure it is probably nothing, but I will not take any chances.  

I love my Gracie girl and the thought of her growing older and having health problems makes me feel sad.  

Dear Diary,

10 PM Bug Check is getting to be ridiculous here.   There is absolutely no place to hide that is safe enough.  Dang this stub-of-a-tail!  She sees it every. single. time.  



  1. Well, let's just hope the lumps and bumps are just fatty deposits and nothing to be concerned about.

    Gracie - I know about the before bed checks, I get them too. Mom only found one tick this year and it was on her! - Jill

  2. This aging thing gets to all of us. We've just had a round of checking a couple of lumps too, and while one is okay, the other needs more checking. Your friends at Golden Pines, hope yours are all okay too!!

    --Enjoy your weekend, and as hard as it is, try not to worry!!

  3. Good idea to get them checked out; probably nothing, but better safe than sorry. I think if the lumps/bumps are close to where lymph nodes might be (under neck, by paws) there could be concern. It is sad when our furry pets age and we see them slowing down or start to recognize health problems in them.


  4. Oh poor Gracie, I hope all will be OK! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS across the miles!

  5. Tugie has those bumps/lumps on her skin and the first ones we were told it's nothing to worry about so we've not gone back. Glad Gracie is ok. Oh we are really going to have it rough when we lose our babies. I cry now just thinking about it. I dread it. I can't imagine being w/o my Tugie and I know you worry about that with Gracie. I'm not sure why I brought that up. I guess b/c they are getting older. Anyway, we enjoy them every day and hug them lots and lots! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

  6. Samson Says: Gracie, my girl, I will love you forever, no matter how many bumps you grow. Please tell your mommy to give us all an update. Soon! XOXOXOXOXOXO, Your Samson


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