Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June's Highlights

Rainy days and going back to bed...

Snuggling with the one you love....

 Spending time with someone you look up to...

Long walks....

Creating plays and acting them out....

Finding Magic....

Sweet Dreams...

Gracie says:

Walks.  Watching the house.  Food.  Dairy Queen.  Walks. Watching the house.  Sleep.  More sleep.  Watching the house.  Food.  Spa day.  Watching the house.  Barking at the mailman.  Barking at UPS.  Lunging toward the door when smelling the FedEx truck.  Barking at rabbits. Playing with Wally.  Snuggling with Lambie.  Sleep.  


  1. Everyone is busy, busy, busy!
    Can you believe it's July already?

  2. I think June was a good month!! Any time sleep is involved definitely helps make it a good month :)


  3. Gracie, your June was the best!

  4. Gracie, do you want to kow a secret? Samson snores! It's true, he dreams of you and snores contentedly. So funny. I love seeing you sleepiong too. I also love seeing Summer growing up. Next to you, Gracie, she's the cutest on the blogs. Just wanted to let you and your mommy know I love you both. And so does Samson. Kisses and hugs. ~ Inger

  5. Looks like a great month to me:) LOVE that pic of you and Gracie! Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  6. Wonderful family times. Beautiful pics. I think Finding the Magic looks like the perfect summertime activity. GRACIE the life of a dog is never boring, that is for sure.



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