Friday, June 12, 2015

Silly Stuff

With spring having sprung...

And summer being just around the corner....

We are being kept pretty busy.

The pool was ready to go today and the weather was perfect!

And, this is the time of year for dance recitals.

Mini vacations...

Silly stuff....


And some more silly stuff.

Poor Me
by Gracie Phillip

Mom and Dad went away,
So I threw up on the floor that day.

Justin came to stay with me,
But Mom and Dad I missed, you see.

So I was sad while they were gone.  
But soon they came home... 

And brought me a lamby!   

A Lump on My Rump
by Gracie Phillip

While Mom was rubbing my butt one day,
She gasped in dismay.

She found a lump,
It was on my rump.

Then a week later, another lump.
Two lumps on my rump.

So she called Dr. Fox
And he stuck a needle in my rump.

And he said all is well.
The lump in my rump...  won't hurt me at all.

So that's all.


  1. Lump in her rump? 2nd opinion please ...

    Ah, the pool, the grass, the mower, the sun screen etc.

  2. I'm glad the lump wasn't something serious!! Seems like summer has been a good one so far :) That pool looks mighty inviting :)


  3. LOVE the poems Gracie. Glad the lumps are not serious. Looks like spring and summertime fun are in full swing at your house. ENJOY every moment.

  4. Samson Says: Gracie, my sweet love, it is so good that my mommy let me come here just in time to read your poems. I'm so glad the rump lumps were OK. As you know, we have been very sad over here, but now things are getting better. Mommy posted something today and wants you and your mommy to go look. She has the heart you gave us up on her bedpost, where she can look at it, think of you, and smile because you are all so kind and nice to her. To us, I mean. I love my presents too, thank you so very much. XOXOXOXOXO, Your Samson

  5. I am so glad the lump was okay!!
    I have a lammy too, just like yours

  6. Cute lamby! Looks like you have summer for sure! :)


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