Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Finding Shelter

Gracie is amused by terrorizing a poor defenseless bunny as it tries to seek shelter beneath the bush from the coming storm.

A stalker in the cowboy hat?  He's got his eye on lil' bunny.  Careful Bugsy.  You are being watched.


  1. Oh Gracie, that bunny looks very sweet and I'm sure won't cause any problems!

  2. Such a sweet little bunny! Have you put anything out for it?

  3. Poor little defenseless bunny. Do not worry. These predators will do you no harm, they are locked inside. You are safely out of reach. Hey GRACIE we all know your bark is worse than your bite. Guard the yard but let the bunny be.

  4. PS) That bunny has found the perfect spot to hide from the storm.

  5. She's a lot tamer about it than Koda would have been in his youth. He would have been scratching at the window to get out, LOL :)


  6. Gracie, be nice to the little bunny:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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