Friday, September 5, 2014


Yesterday I received a call from a woman who wanted to schedule a hearing test for her mother.  We will call her Maggie.

Maggie is in her eighties and has never had her hearing tested.  She is blind and extremely hard of hearing.  Her condition is isolating her from the rest of the world.  

Her son-in-law wheeled her in (she was in a wheelchair) and I tried to carry on a conversation with her.  She was not hearing me.  Her eyes were glazed over and there was no response to any of my questions to her.  

"You have to get down close to her ear and speak,"  the daughter said.  "She can't hear you."  

When I checked her ears they were totally occluded with earwax so I sent her up the road to a walk-in clinic to get them cleaned out before going forward with the test.  

When she came back, she was hearing a little better, but still....  a huge deficit in her hearing.  After testing her and putting a set of hearing aids in her ears, we were able to carry on a conversation with her.  

I now know that she had cake for breakfast and that she wasn't sure what was for dinner.  Her eyes showed life and she laughed at my jokes.  

Her family and I were elated.  

This day is a reminder that God has richly blessed me with the opportunity, skills and tools that can make a difference in the lives of others.  

Each morning I unlock the door and walk into my office (which is an extension of our home),  I feel so very grateful.



  1. What a wonderful feeling you must have! It must be amazing to be blessed with the skill and the job that makes such a huge difference for the better in people's lives.

  2. Love the happy outcome, old people are isolated enough without hearing problems.

  3. A truly rewarding career you have Bobbi. Patients are very fortunate to have you near.

  4. God is using you in a mighty way. Not only do you have the skills to help but you have a compassionate heart. God bless your weekend.
    Thx for the bdy wishes!

  5. p.s. CAKE for breakfast??!!! I like that idea!

  6. What a wonderful story. Having read your book, I am so glad that your dreams are coming true. To be able to help others at the level you do is such a blessing.

    Now Samson and I will go look for a post by Gracie. He still loves her, but with all that's going on with his daddy, maybe the wedding plans will have to be delayed a bit. Let us know what you think, OK.

  7. Good that you can work so close to home doing something that is fulfilling and rewarding!


  8. It feels good to help people even in the smallest little way.

  9. Bless you for helping others! I have TWO siblings who desperately need hearing aids! I pray that they will take the next step to get some much needed help! Have a blessed weekend dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  10. What a touching story. You have been blessed, for sure.

  11. Ohhhh, how wonderful that you could do that for that woman. Lovely story. You're a Sweetie, Bobbi!


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