Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Perfect Day

Today was a perfect spring day. 
 The temperature, seventy-five. 

A soft breeze blew the flowers ever so gently...

There was lots of sunshine...

And plenty of Summer smiles....

The kind of day you just want to fold up and put away inside a drawer for later...  

Can you imagine that... 

  You wake up one day and peer outside to a cold, gray and dreary world.  Everything is going wrong.  Your head hurts and your in a bad mood.  Your stress level has risen to an all time high but wait...

You open that drawer and pull out that perfect spring day.

And there is  Summer climbing up the slide backwards in the warm sun.  You feel the warm breeze and you are calmed by the greenery and beautiful flowers.  Life is good.  

Agree, Gracie?

If every day could be a perfect day for a walk, this would be good.  Can you put those days away for me while your at it mom?  Days that are good for walks.  No rain, please.  Not too hot either. Just nice walk days.   Thanks.  


  1. Now you can look at them whenever you want! Too bad you can't experience them too! With sweet little Summer, EVERY day is Summer! Gracie, you are looking good, did you just get groomed?

  2. SOUNDS wonderful. Summer is precious. GRACIE enjoy your walks.

  3. She's adorable and getting so big! That would be neat to be able to put a day away like this and pull it out on one of those days. I always said when I lived in Montana and we had the hot summer weather that I would like to bottle one and pull it out in the middle of the cold frigid winters.


  4. Just how we are feeling too. A day to treasure. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Wish I had thought to do that a few weeks ago... Sounds (and looks) lovely.

  6. yes,, a very perfect day!

  7. I wish I could put Summer away for a rainy day too.

  8. What a sweetie Summer is, Bobbi! Sounds like you are loving this time of year!


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