So I've gotten a little on the shaggy side lately, but Dad likes me that way.  

I've gotten a tad bit on the smelly side as well (according to the nag aka Mom)

  I do not concur.  

Today, a surprise ride in the Buick aka Elantra sent me into a happy dance.
"Really Mom!  I get to go for a ride in the Buick??  C'mon!  Hurry!  Let's go!"

Mom and I rode around and we bonded.  We laughed, and shook, and slobbered on the windows...  

And then things got serious.

"You wanna go see Kevin?" she said.

"Yea!  Yea!  You bet I do!!"  I said.

"...And get groomed"  she added.
Whoooaahhh....  wait a minute.  

U Turn pleassseee!

But I was harnessed and leashed and in her total control. 

The rest is history.

I came home looking like a

And smelling like a french hoar poodle!

Benedict Arnold Mom thinks I look adorable and smell beautiful.  I'm pretty sure she's just trying to kiss up cause she needs someone to play Wally with.  


Ginny said…
Gracie, you are beautiful!!! By the way, do you have any poodle ancestors?
ohhh your not smelly!
Molly The Wally said…
Looking fabulous Gracie. I think I am due to go to the fur stealers. big sigh. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly
Oz theTerrier said…
Oh look adorable.
S. J. Qualls said…
Oh, Gracie, you have to get 'Girlie' once in a while. You look great and BTW your doggy smell will return soon enough!
Furry Bottoms said…
Wait a minute! That's MY blue dragon you're playing with! How did it get there?
GRACIE you look marvelous all gussied up.
betty said…
You look wonderful, Gracie! You secretly know you enjoy being groomed and smell nice :)

Theresa said…
You look beautiful Gracie! It will grown back:) That's what I tell myself when I get a haircut that's a little too short! HUGS!

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