I am not allowed to have chocolate.  I don't know why.  

Mom eats tons of chocolate.  Dad eats it every now and again.  Cupcake and Short Stuff eat chocolate and I've seen Mom give Jake chocolate... but....  

When it comes to the dog 
that she claims to love so much, 
Forget it!

Chocolate is forbidden when it comes 
to the dog.  

But.  I. am. resourceful.  


Amber DaWeenie said…
Oh Gracie. Mom doesn't give you chocolate BECAUSE she loves you! BUTT....tell her to pick up a bag of CAROB chips! We love those. Mom tries to tell us it is chocolate, but we know better!


Ginny said…
Awwww, so cute!! Chcolate kisses. Gracie, you will not rope me in because I know mom must have all kind of good treats just made for YOU. And she also wants to keep you alive.
Mr. Pip said…
I am with you 100%. I want chocolate,too!

S. J. Qualls said…
Jack and Jill do not understand it either, but if I am eating the forbidden food, I tell them it's chocolate and they turn away, knowing they will not get any. It is the one behavior that I have taught them. :D
My mom tells me the same thing. no chocolate!
Molly The Wally said…
This time of year is just torture we say. Chocolate everywhere. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly
Theresa said…
Oh Gracie, I bet they all leave a little bit around their mouths... JUST FOR YOU:)
GRACIE you made me smile.
betty said…
LOL, Gracie, this is one time, believe you me, that you don't want to have something that looks good. It will make you sick and mom doesn't want that to happen!

Inger said…
OK, Gracie, you know your Samson's got a weird tummy and you know, yes you do, that chocolate can kill a dog. A while ago, I left a piece on the living room table, and Samson, who is so good and NEVER steals, just walked up and snatched it. I thought my carelessness had killed my Samson, but he was OK. The vet said that the really dangerous chocolates are those mom uses to bake with. And the really dark chocolates. So keep that in mind and don't go steal from Short Stuff.
Inger said…
I should have signed that Your future MIL.

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