Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thinking of What I Don't Like To Think About

Lately I have been thinking.  Gracie will be ten years old in September.

I look into her eyes and sometimes I see an old gal

But then other times I am looking at a playful pup

When I am away, I can't wait to get home to her 

She loves me unconditionally

I can't imagine what I would do without her

But I know the day will come

And there will no longer be a dirty dog disregarding all the rules and hiding under the covers

She will not be there to help me with laundry

I will not have her attitude to deal with

I hope she lives forever

But odds are, one day I will be devastated

Because one of our pack will no longer be with us

And our home will be sadly quiet with no barking at passersby

No more crazy dog tricks

All will be calm.  And broken.  
I don't like to think about this.  And I can't imagine her ever being gone.  

Today, I am thankful for a healthy dog ~ still a bit of a spitfire and often young at heart.  

Oh!  And she does have a new post on her blog 'Gracie Says'.  You can view that HERE!!


  1. And were going to keep those good thoughts coming and coming,, and were never going to think of sad stuff,, just happy Gracie stuff

  2. Oh gosh, Bobbi, I totally understand. I could substitute Gracie's name for Koda and write this myself. He will be 10 in December and he's slowing down, but still has a bit of a pup in him. There will be that day......and I hope for the two of us it is no time soon!


  3. I have lost beloved pets and it is hard to face, for sure.

  4. I can relate totally due to Harriet being 13. She has some health concerns but is not yet in pain...so, we love and cherish her each day we have. It is comforting to know that God can see us through.

  5. I know:( My Daughter's family lost their BB last year. It was a heart-breaking time for all of us. Just enjoy your sweet Gracie every day:) Sending HUGS your day!

  6. I understand. The thought just kills me too.

  7. Rejoice in her and all the good health she is enjoying now. We deal with things when we must, but not before. She looks like a "young'un" to me, GF!

  8. Oh,Bobbi, they do live far too short lives, but in that second photo you can clearly see she still has that naughty glint in her eye. So adorable, and I don't want to let Samson in on this post. But then I knew a small poodle that was gong on 18, her name was Rat and that's what she looked like, but she was full of spunk.

  9. Our Simba will be 10 this year. So sad, better to try not to think abut it and just love Gracie all the more.

  10. Yes, there is always a "good-bye" hanging in the wings of life with a dog. They were not meant to live all our life with us... just some of our life with us. They come when they are needed and they go when it is their time. And I can't help but believe they hope you will give another the chance to feel the love they felt, from you, once they're gone.

    But for now, enjoy Gracie. :)

    Happy Sunday~ Andrea


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