Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm Here. Kinda.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Blog So Much These Days:

10. I have writers block.

9.  I feel like I keep repeating my posts...

8.  My eyes burn when I'm on the computer for very long.

7.  I feel like I keep repeating myself posts ... Oops!

6.  I've been picking fleas off Gracie.  

5.  Facebook is easier and faster.

4.  I'm taking a break.

3.  Busy with life....

2.  Can't come up with anything different to write about...  *boring life* LOL


1. Blogger will not let me go directly to my most recent photos in Iphoto anymore.  This makes it time consuming and a real pain when it comes to finding photos to put on my blog.

I need to regroup.  Then I will be back.  Or if something interesting happens and my eyes hold out.

My eyes are burning right now...  so I'm outta here. 

May everyone have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Wah!!!! I am sorry to hear this! I love your picture with you and Gracie!! And your bright polka dots! Don't be another of the many friends who have deserted blogging for Facebook! Remember, on Facebook you cannot go into detail as much.

  2. It can be frustrating with all the reasons you listed Bobbi, especially if you can't get pictures down easy. I know Gracie can't do Frontline and similar, but have you heard of Comfortis? Its a pill that is supposed to be taken. Honestly, Koda was over run with fleas this past summer, we did everything, Frontline, Advantage, you name it and nothing worked. The doctor gave him Comfortis, one tablet, no more fleas EVER (at least for this season). It was like night and day and after the one pill we never had to give him another one.

    Happy Thanksgiving and if blogging is the right thing for you, you will come back to it, if not, you and Gracie take care :)


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too for Thursday. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you dear Bobbi, BIG HUGS! I'll miss you:)

  5. From my home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving dear one. I understand your reasons-feel many of the same.
    Just know that you are missed when you aren't around!
    Sending hugs your way.

  6. My eyes burn when I watch TV...
    I don't blink enough, methinks.

    Fleas! Boy, do we have 'em.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

  7. All makes sense to me Bobbi! Take as long as you need and I'll see you on FB anyway!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful holiday!

  8. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. In iphoto too!! Recently, I haven't been able to upload photos from my regular MS photo place, the simple one, so I am forced to go to picasa. I have to check this further. Anyhow, I feel pretty much the same way, except my eyes don't burn.
    Sorry about yours. I miss Gracie and Summer so much. Samson misses his Gracie and sends love and licks to her, specifically her ears. And he does not believe for a minute his girlfriend has FLEAS! Take care, Bobbi, all the best to you and your family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. ~Inger


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