Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gone Gold!

 I've missed blogging...  My Mac broke and had to go to the computer hospital.  I just got it back yesterday.

Briefly...  here's what's been happening in 
my neck of the woods:

In response to some of the comments (of our customers) saying that we treat them like GOLD...  we've decided to paint our ear GOLD and start a GOLDEN yEAR Campaign....  

(and since Puddles and Pip ran off with the other ear after their Bucket List Tour visit)

And now...  

The Golden yEAR 

At All About Hearing...  

We treat our customers like 


In other news...  spring has sprung  summer-like weather is upon us with 88 Degrees temperatures.

Gracie is enjoying her walks again...

And we have had a sudden burst of business and made many new friends as the Golden yEAR entices the hearing impaired to 700 National Highway.

What have you been doing to enjoy these beautiful spring summer-like days?


  1. I love the golden yEAR! Your spring flowers/trees are beautiful, too. Gracie, I'm glad you can go for walks now!

  2. Glad to see Gracie out and about. You too. LOVE that GOLDEN ear, year idea. Been doing a little bit of patio sitting in warmer temps here.

  3. Your last picture is beyond beautiful!! And I LOVE the Golden yEAR!!!! Now it is totally complete! It was 90 degrees today, that breaks the record of 88 back in the 1920's Seems we totally skipped spring and went straight into summer.

  4. We are loving the golden ear. Glad you have Spring. Ours came and went. Cold and raining today. Big sigh! Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Summer....POO! Me's cookin down here and it ain't be CHILI!

    Da GOLDEN yEAR! YiPEE! Maybe da EAR will be da star of a new JAMES BOND movie! Kind of like da GOLDFINGER!

  6. What a great idea to paint the ear gold!

    Like Amber DaWeenie said (since she's a close neighbor), we're sweltering here in Florida. Yesterday we almost hit 90! Yuck! Guess we'll be pulling out the doggie pool shortly.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. I knew that your business was going gold:) I have to tell you... Gracie doesn't look like she is enjoying that walk! It is really warm here too! I wait as long as I can to turn the air on but it was really warm upstairs last night! Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  8. I love that golden ear! What a great idea and congrats on all the people it will draw to your place. Samson is missing Gracie and mad that he can't blog now that I'm doing the A to Z Challenge. So please give her a hug and a kiss from him. Well, from me too.

  9. Oh my goodness, dat is a brilliant idea to paint da ear gold...I will has to do dat to da ear I stoled...I mean borrowed!



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