Gracie's Good

Dear Diary,

My days of woe are over.  I went to see Dr. Fox on Friday and the stitches came out.  My belly is looking good, according to all the peeps who insist on studying it and not only was I given my get-well toy to play with...  but I have been promised a walk today.  Life is good. Gracie.  



Loretta Thomas said…
So happy Gracie is better. The piggy seems to be a fave also. Have a lovely Sunday! Purrs,
Miss Kitty & Mum
Glad to hear the good news!
Maple Lane said…
Gracie, This is wonderful news!!!

Bobbi, when I clicked on the video to play, Harriet barked at the noise!!!
Molly The Wally said…
Great news Gracie. Have a super Sunday.
Best wishes Molly
sophie...^5 said…
Piggy Wiggy ~~~ love the sound ~~~ Sophie needs one of those!

Yeah Gracie is feeling better!!
NanaNor's said…
Hi Bobbi, I'm not sure how I missed the post about Gracie's surgery and your vertigo. How horrid; after just going through Hunter's sickness I know how worried and stressed you must have been. So glad it was something that could be fixed so that she will get better. I get Vertigo about once a year(when I did yoga it really made it bad); I take Benedryl at night and when I started feeling it I take Bonine. Mine is positional-but it gets so tiring when the bed spins. Hope you are all over it now; wonder if you get it on a regular basis like I do?
Have a good Sunday.
Hugs & Love, Noreen
Lovable Lily said…
That's such great news Gracie! I hope you throughlly enjoyed your walkie. It's never fun to be sick. We;re glad you are doing so much better.

Lily Belle & Muffin
Ginny said…
Great!!! Oh my gosh, the oinking pig is hilarious!!!
Inger said…
Oh, Gracie, you got a piggy toy! How cute it that? Samson watched your video and I know he wishes he was there with you so he could kiss your pretty ears. We are both so happy you are feeling better and got your walk. Take care, Inger and Samson XOXOXO
Jim said…
Great timing Gracie! It's spring, almost!!
Michelle said…
Gracie, I am so glad to hear that you are doing well!
Gracie, I'm so glad that you're feeling better--This weather sure does help to feel that way, doesn't it?
Carol Z said…
Gracie, so glad you're feeling better. Hurray!
Amber DaWeenie said…
Yip-Pee......finally great news! Hope you got your walkie today!
oh happy days- your better!
Theresa said…
I am SO happy you are healing Gracie! BIG HUGS!
Madi and Mom said…
Gracie what wonderful new!!
Spring is around the corner too
Hugs madi
Liz said…
That's great news!

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