Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Yesterday and today = Taxes


How I hate Tax time!  

Oh, I loved it before I owned my own business.  I always got a nice refund back at the beginning of the year. 

Now it's me writing checks to the government. 


While we were waiting to see our accountant..  

My 15 month old Summer FaceTimed me.  All by herself!  

For those of you not familiar with FaceTime, 2 Iphones can connect and you can talk face to face.

It's not that easy to do..  and takes a few steps before  you can hook up.

And even though Summer knows how to navigate the Iphone to look at pictures and such...
I had no clue she knew how to FaceTime!  I don't think her mommy knew either.  LOL

Where Are You Spring?
by Gracie Phillip

I woke up in the morning and went out to pee;
The ground was all white and so was the tree.
Turning around I said, "Uh-uh! No pee for me!"
But Mom said, "You go! Or you won't get a treat!"

So I squatted down slowly as best as I could;
And she laughed at me shaking like I knew that she would.
So then when she called me to come back inside;
I buried my face in that cold, wet stuff and said....


And that's when I heard her say...
"Where are you spring?"


  1. Summer and Gracie both adorable. Sweet faces indeed.

  2. The child is a genius!! She knows more than I do!! And Gracie is a puppy again!

  3. Our grand kids love FaceTime. I do too ... That is, for seeing them. I don't like seeing me though.

  4. I KNOW how you feel!!! My first and I were in business 25 years and Tom has been in business almost 17 years now and tax time is never fun!!!!!!!
    Good luck Bobbi!!!

  5. What sweet pictures. Facetime is wonderful! Snow here too!

  6. Cute and SMART:) Have a blessed day dear friend, STAY WARM! HUGS!

  7. Summer is just too cute, she has a face so full of priceless expressions. I can't get enough of looking at her. And you too, Gracie. But I'm sure you know by now you got some competition in the cute department. Hugs and XOXO from Samson and me.

  8. They always said to ask a child if you need computer help ~ guess they weren't kidding! Way to go Summer :)

    We LOVE your poem Gracie. Perfect for a snowy day.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. FaceTime is becoming more 'poop'ular I see. My Daddy's niece uses it when contacting a friend in England. The world is getting smaller.
    NOW about SPRING!
    I'm afraid to say anything kind ~~~ so nothing at all!!


  10. My niece likes to face time with me. The kids are going to be so smart with the technology. Sorry about the taxes. We thought we were going to have to pay but George found some more things out about Katy's education we can deduct. Gracie is so cute in the snow! Spring hurry up! lol

  11. Oh My How I have missed you Gracie! And your Mom's entertaining and funny take on life... haven't been able to blog lately... but I really enjoyed getting caught up with you and your family!!

    LOVE the poem!

    Hugs and Happy Easter!

  12. Summer is just too cute and so smart! It's finally spring here! We had a wintry mix last Thursday and I was just so depressed but our temps are back to normal now.


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