Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surgery for Gracie

Dear Diary,  It started out great.  I was going in the Buick and I was going to get to see Dr. Fox.

But things turned quickly bad when we got there.  First some strange lady stuck something up my butt. So I tried to bite her. (I missed).

Then Dr. Fox made some moves that I found inappropriate so I tried to bite him too.  It was around about that time that Mom asked for a muzzle. 

Now,here's the really bad news.  Doc says I need to have surgery next Tuesday to remove more stones in my bladder.  He gave Mom some antibiotics for me to take until then.  Mom and me are sad.  Daddy is sad too.

Why does life have to be so hard?  Gracie.


  1. Oh NOOOOOOO Gracie, OMD, I is so sorry to reads dis. Okays, I knows you is a tuff broad so you will come through da surgery withs flyin' will be okays I promise.
    I will be thinkin; of you and your mom and da Gary Man durin' dis time. Sometimes da hoomans gets all bent out of shap durin' surgicals.


  2. WOW, we didn't see that coming, did we now, Gracie? After you're all "fixed" it will be easier on you. I kinda thought you were telling your Mom something.

    Take your pills now and try not to worry about it.

  3. no like dis news. If you's can sneak out of your house, you can come to my house. Wit so many here already, Mom won't even notice you. :)

    Paws crossed for a nice easy surgery if you can't sneak away.

  4. So sorry Gracie:(. That makes me sad too. I will be praying for you.

  5. Oh Gracie, I'm so sorry you're having to have surgery!! I know these things are never easy, but I hope it is made easier for you in knowing that there are many like me who will be sending you healthy and healing thoughts!!!!

  6. Oh Gracie
    I am sending healing magic bubbles your way. I want you to get better soon. Its no fun to hurt and be sick.


  7. My heart just sank when I saw this title! But at least it is not real serious? And it could be worse. How did they figure it out? I adore the video of Gracie running all over, first in circles.

  8. Dear Gracie - My thought is you must be having some pain issues lately and even though surgery will be a pain, you will feel much better soon.

  9. So sorry to hear this Bobbi and Gracie!!! I'm sad too hearing the news.


  10. We are so sorry to read you are not well. Sending POTP and hugs. Our paws are tightly crossed for your surgery.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. That is not good at all. Hoping all goes well!

  12. oh my!!! Gracie sweetheart girl! I am so sorry you are gonna have to have surgery... you and your "mom" and your "dad" will def. be in my prayers....


  13. Hey Gracie don't worry much - Your vet's gonna fix ya right up. All of us are sendin lots of pawsitive thoughts and healin vibes to you, your family and Doc :)

    Wags and Hugs,
    The Roo Family

  14. Hang in there Sweetiekins...stones can be so annoying but you'll feel so much better!


  15. Sorry Gracie...that does not sound like fun :(
    My sister is going for a dental cleaning next week...she wants to bite the vet too!


  16. We are so sorry to hear about your surgery!! We are sending along prayers and healing vibes. xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  17. Samson Says: Oh, Gracie, and I'm so late to send you a comment because my mommy wouldn't open the computer yesterday. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry that you have to have surgery again. I will think about you all day long and put my paws together for a prayer. I know it's scary, but once you wake up again, you will feel so much better. Strange that we both have tummy or tummy area problems. It may just be a conspiracy so we won't be allowed cookies and stuff. We have to stick together, my girl. All the best, Your Samson XOXOXOXO

  18. Oh no! I hope your surgery went well Gracie!


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