Wednesday, December 26, 2012

You're Calling Him WHAT?

Baby has a name.  Jasper.  I kicked and grumbled and opposed the parents choice of a name until I was out of breath.  Then I conceded and now...  
when I hear the name I see my tiny Christmas angel (Below)  

We can't wait for Jasper to come home from the hospital and be a part of the family.  But in the meantime his brother Jake is taking care of business.

Dear Diary,  I am not dead.  Just exhausted.  This new Christmas toy got the best of me and I am resting up.  Tomorrow, revenge!  Gracie.


  1. He is mighty cute, whatever they call him:) My youngest Grandson's name is Maverick! When they named him that, it sounded strange... now that is just who he is! Jasper is precious! Congrats to you dear Bobbi! HUGS!

  2. Jasper he is. He is a precious angel. Gracie get your breath for there is a tomorrow.

  3. Oh how sweet his is! Hope he gets to go home soon!

    Gracie, you shoulda seen me yesterday, running after 12 balls all at once! I think my parents are NUTS!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  4. "Jasper is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In Exodus, the Lord tells Moses to have a sacred garment for priests of Israel made, decorated with precious stones, one of which is jasper. In Revelations, jasper is compared to the "Face of God" and the building material of the brilliant, beautiful walls of the New Jerusalem. Jasper is the foundation stone of the church, symbolizing eternal faith." The meaning of this stone is power, protection, and healing, as well. Hope this helps. Is Gracie tired cause she can't destroy the toy? Today on Facebook I saw the hilarious side of Gary!

  5. What a precious baby boy! Here in GA, our favorite mountain city to visit is named Jasper. One of the prettiest spots in the state!
    Looks like Santa was good to Gracie! Love to you and yours, Bobbi.

  6. Hey Gracie! I bet it's exhausting being a grandmother too!! But a good exhausting!! Right Bobbi! What a sweetheart Jasper is and his brother too of course!

  7. Oh he is soooo adorable and kissables!

  8. Jasper is so cute and cuddly and would be cute and cuddly by any name. Of course, you know that already, Gracie! Time to convince you Mom!

    May you have peace, health, and happiness in the coming year. You certainly deserve it.

  9. Jasper is so cute! I kind of like the name. Hoping he'll be able to come home soon!


  10. I came back and saw your video book trailer, how could i have missed it before? It is amazing, wonderful!!! The words and the pictures and the way they are matched up, and the song. Who made it?

  11. Jasper is indeed precious and I know you can hardly wait to have him home.
    Mom and I are off to check out your book trailer!! We are so proud of what you have accomplished with your book. I can only imagine the hours of hard work.
    Hugs madi and mom

  12. What a cutie! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. Awww, he's a real cutie! Thanks for stopping by our blog and commenting.

    I try to cut Riley's nails myself, but she always pulls her paw away, so I just say, heck with it...I'll let them do it at the vet...they're professionals!

    Elyse and Riley

  14. What a precious little baby. His name will unusual but his own. Thanks for visiting my'll always be welcome. xoxo,Susie

  15. Hi Bobbie & Gracie...very nice to meet you...I'm following/joining you from my new blog because of Gracie.(Please check it out!) Thanks for following us and Welcome to our blog! The baby is sooo precious. Thank the Lord he will be coming home soon! Love the name, especially since it can be said it it Bibical. Gracie will be a great help! Sending our love to you and your family.
    Happy, Healthy and Wonderful 2013!

    Loretta & Family

  16. Hi Gracie and Bobbi, Jasper is one little cutie to be sure! I know with all the love you give him, he will grown so quickly. I have to tell you Gracie that I'm reading your book and have found many ways your mom and I are alike; also found a couple of ways you and Hunter are alike. I've laughed and cried; had to take a break this afternoon cause I got sad reading about PopPop.
    Have a warm evening and stay out of trouble. Congrat's on the new grandbaby too.
    xxxoooNoreen & Hunter

  17. Blessed little children!

    Thank you for commenting and becoming a follower of my little blog.

  18. Little ones are so precious when they're newborns. Thanks for the follow, I've reciprocated.

    Christmas tires me too!

  19. I have to admit that I really like the name Jasper! What a cutie!

  20. Welcome to Dreaming!
    Congratulation to the new addition to your family. he is precious.
    Love the name.

    Come by often.

    M :)

  21. Well, Jasper is a unique name and at least it will be his own to own. Won't be 4 other Jaspers in kindergarten will there? I probably would have kicked and screamed too, but our children have a way of naming their children no matter our opinions... *sigh* Welcome to the world, Jasper! xox

  22. Hello, sweet friend! I know Jasper is not a very common name.... but I was thinking along the lines of Ginny's comment.... the Jasper stone has signifigance in the Bible and is so beautiful......

    Just as this little man is soooo beautiful!! what adorable boys...

    Can't wait to check out the book trailer when I get an extra moment.... (I already know you are an awesome writer from reading your blog though)


  23. He's such a cutie! I am sure the name will grow on you!


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