Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Magic and Sleepy Time

Every year Christmas becomes a little more complicated.

As we add to our village thanks to yard sale finds over the summer...

The Christmas Village comes alive...

Then just like magic...  a train goes around the track and houses light up.

The carnival comes to life...

It's a lot of work.

But one day our grandchildren will talk about 'once upon a time'....

When Grammy and PopPop had a Magical Village that lived inside their living room at Christmastime.

And our hard work will not be for nothing...  The memory of the magic will live on.

Dear Diary,

My chair was moved.  My window is not reachable.  I have nothing to live for.  I'm going to sleep.  Gracie.


  1. Rough life, Gracie. Look at it this way - there will be Christmas cookies!

  2. What a beautiful village! I can see it is a lot of hard work, but I am sure the grands love it! Wonderful memories being made!

    Oh gosh, Gracie, Koda can so relate to your misery when things get moved around. He'll never forgive us for the year we moved his crate so we could put up the Christmas tree. We won't ever do that again!


  3. Your village is just perfect. I know how tedious it is to set it all up (especially the cords) but so worth it. Gracie, I noticed right away your chair, dog bed etc. had been just set aside - hmph!!! Looks like Santa will need to bring extra treats for you!

  4. I remember your village from last year--It's really, really beautiful and has magic all its own!

  5. I love it Bobbi! I bet it is truly magical to sit and watch all of the pretty lights! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. What a beautiful village! Gracie, come on over here and sit on the back of the couch with me! There are two windows there!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Abso'toot'ly gorgeous Xmas is so heart warming to see this...all that work is just plain worth it. Now, be a good doodle bug or I'll have to come there and lick you!

  8. I remember this post from other years, it just gets better and better. My favorite picture is definitely the one with Gary holding the drill and Marissa's HUGE grin!!! That one needs framed and on your Christmas card. I love the third picture next best!!! Woe is me, we cannot put up our beautiful tree this year!!! We tried setting it up naked, and the cats gnawed on the lights!! With their back molars! Oh well, rescued animals are better than a tree.

  9. OOOH! The villiage is too cool!! And I can tell from Rissi's face that she is excited about seeing it again......Thanks for sharing such detailed photos so we can all enjoy it too....

    Poor Grace, just shoved aside like an old shoe..... sigh......what can I say???? It seem's your life is just getting "ruffer and ruffer"


  10. Beautiful! Sorry Ms. Gracie, it's only for a month and you have a pretty village to watch!

  11. I want a village like that!

    Samson Says: Gracie, I see your eyes are open. You're just faking it. But I won't tell. Dream of me if you really go to sleep, OK. xoxo, your Samson

  12. Gracie
    I want to come to your house and watch the village too.
    I think things are more fun at your house. Can I come?
    nitey nite

  13. Your village is amazing!

    Poor Gracie, it's only for a month then you'll have your window back.


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