Sunday, July 29, 2012

Putting up With Nonsense

Rissi:  Gracie, I love you.  You are my BFF.

Gracie:  That's great kid.  But is it necessary for you to hang on me all the time.  A girl needs space...  ya know what I mean Jellybean?

Rissi:  Okay Gracie.  I won't hang on you.  Hey Grammy...  can I take Gracie for a walk through the house with her leash?

Gracie:  Uh oh!

Rissi:  And then can I pretend like she's my dog and keep her on a leash and cover her with my bambi and give her a bone...  and can we watch Sponge Bob together? 

Gracie:  Hey mom!  Can I have a bag of cookies, 2 chew bones, a new toy, and a twice-as-far walk tonight for putting up with this nonsense?


  1. Hehehehe...Oooooh Gracie, girl I feels your pain. My Girl used to do dat crap to me...walk me in da house with a leash...and attempt to paint my paw nails. You just has to show 'em who da boss is and make sures you gets plenty of treats in between...fur energy purposes.


  2. You two are so cute together Gracie!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  3. Girls just want to have FUN Gracie. Join the party. Play along. What else do you have to do? I mean seriously???

  4. Oh how cute:) Loving being together, Ricci and Gracie! Have a blessed week, HUGS!

  5. Err, excuse me RISSI:) I always spell her name incorrectly!

  6. Mom is laughing because when she was young she used to do the same thing to her dog! Thankfully, Mom is grown up now and doesn't pull that craziness with me!

    Hope you get some free time!
    Your pal,

  7. Adorable. My daughter told her son to walk Zander--their English Mastiff. My granddaughter asked if she could. Well a 230 lb dog is a bit big for a 40lb girl so the answer was no. She looked out the window and saw she had clipped the dog chain to the shirt of her little 1 yr. brother. I think she scolded her AFTER she took a picture.

  8. Rissi AND Gracie are looking especially pretty today. They actually look like they're getting along quite well. LOVE the "smooch" photo!! Priceless!!

  9. Rissi has gotten quite a bit taller this summer, hasn't she? Perhaps it's all the fun with Gracie that helped the growth spurt.

  10. Bobbi, your blog is such FUN! The pics always make me smile.... What a precious Granddaughter Rissi is.... And that Gracie...... well, they just broke the mold when she was made, because she is priceless and one-of-a kind...... Kind of like her Mommy.....


  11. We would not complain, expect extra treats, nor be out of sorts because of so much attention from an adorable little girl. We have never experienced such a thing, but we are positive we would like it.

    Harper, Scout, and Franklin Junebug, sons of Janie Junebug

  12. This is such a cute post and the last photo just melted my heart! Thanks for becoming my newest follower. I am now yours and can't wait to get to know you!

  13. Samson Says: I hate to disagree with you my Gracie girl, but it looks to me like having some kids around to play with would be a lot of fun. Boring around here....Read my post of today and you'll see what I mean. And that kiss, should I be jealous?

  14. Too funny! They are so cute!


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