Monday, June 11, 2012


I do not remember inviting these unwanted guests.

Gary said I should vacuum them up and that will kill them.  I think he was just trying to get out of paying Terminix to take care of the problem.

One of my facebook friends asked me today, can't they get out of the vacuum cleaner?

I had to think about this.

Gary, can they get out?

He shrugged.

What!  You told me they'd die in there.

I hope they can't get out.

Dear Diary,   Every morning mom goes into the back room and turns on that miserable, big loud thing that sucks up my random dog food droppings off the floor, and she's back there with the door shut for a long time.  Today she came running out, yanking off her pajama bottoms, screaming something about having ants in her pants.  I'm still laughing... you gotta admit... that was funny.  Gracie.



  1. Gracie, it's not nice to laugh at mom, even tho I bet that was a riot. *snicker

  2. Are they ants? I actually read an article that ants are like little housekeepers. They will carry alway all the dirt and crumbs and keep your kitchen clean!

  3. Oh my! Your poor Mommy! I will come over and just eat up all those ants, OK?
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  4. My mum HATES ants...and flies...and anything else likes da sort. Her do be a wuss what can I say. Her says if theres be one they is a million more right behind.

    Gracie, you really should has video taped your mom...hehehehehe. Dat would has been SOOOOOOO fun to watch.


  5. Uh-oh... not ants! I hate them, yep HATE! Hard to get rid of:) Not thinking the vacuum will do it:) Have a blessed and ant-less day! HUGS!

  6. What to do. I had gnats and they drove me CRAZY. Finely got that solved. Bugs, Bugs and is that why God named them "BUGS"? Because they bug us. Hmmmmm Have a bugles day.

  7. Gracie, you're pretty funny!!

    Ants seemed to have taken up residence in my kitchen AND dishwasher. I'm told its because of all the rain...I have put ant traps on my counters...

  8. Hi Gracie, Your mom could have taken this picture at our house cause we get them alot too. I've tried some natural remedies but they don't work-I hate using bug spray because it is so bad for all of us but I hate ants.
    Must of been funny seeing mom jump around. Hope they are all gone now.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  9. I have never heard of ants being called housekeepers, That would be nice, but, I don't want them indoors either. I get them once in awhile. I get out the Raid and then bug bomb the place if the Raid doesn't work.

  10. Ants are horrendous. We have Cook's Pest Control. He has put those bait traps around the outside of the house. They do an excellent job.
    It's not funny to laugh but ants in the pants is funny - - - when it happens to someone else.
    My daughter battled some ants - - went online for natural remedies and they helped.
    My vacuum cleaner would kill them because it is a Rainbow - - with the water in the canister! They couldn't swim long enough to survive. - - - - I sound cruel - - but have no problem with ants if they stay outside! We just can't share inside areas - - - and since they don't pay the mortgage . . . .

  11. Gracie!! That was not very nice! Sorry about the ants, Bobbi. I'm thinking they possibly can't get out of the vacuum (can they?) Its like once you get them too its so hard to get rid of them......lgood luck with it!


  12. I am very surprised that we haven't had this problem in the house yet! They usually like to head in a straight line for the cat's food. I put out those ant motels and they work great for us! The outdoor ants are a nuisance...they like our landscaping lights and bite Bryan when he tries to clean them out from around the bulbs. I'm thinking we might have to put down granules around the lights to keep them away.


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