Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Man and the Giraffe

"Hey Grammy!  Big Dog's trying to get my giraffe!"

"Hey short stuff...  stop squealing on me.  And speaking of squealing, let me sink my teeth into that squeaky toy of yours."  

"No Big Dog,  It's mine."  

"No Short Stuff... It's mine. 
Tell ya what.  I'll trade ya...  straight up... my new multi-squeaker TOUGH MAN for your rubbery squeaky giraffe.  
Whaddaya say?"

"No, Big Dog ~ Grammy says your man is dirty 
and I would just put it in my mouth."  

"What does that nag she know?  Here...  
take my MAN and see for yourself. It's clean as a whistle."

"Grammy!  Come quick! 
Big Dog is trying to get my toy!"

"Ya little traitor...  Give me back my blanket..."

"Here Big Dog...  you can smell it, but promise me you won't steal it."

Dear Diary,
If it looks like a dog toy.  And squeals like a dog toy.  And smells like a dog toy.  Then it is a dog toy.  Now...  to get it off the little trouble maker without getting in deep doo doo with the nag mom.  Gracie.


  1. What adorable photos, Bobbi. Gracie, you keep me laughing!

  2. Too cute! Looks like confusion reigns in your house when Summer is there, Gracie!

  3. Sorry Gracie, but I'm afraid that Summer is always going to trump you...still you got a good thing goin' on.

  4. Summer is growing! So adorable!! Gracie, you be nice around her, you hear???


  5. BOL! That sure is funny Gracie! But you really should be nicer to the little tyke and let her keep her toys!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  6. The expression on that child's face is priceless. And Gracie, you better be nice to Summer or I'll tell Samson on you.

  7. Gracie- it should be a dog toy!

  8. Just love those pics, Bobbi! That Gracie is still up to her sneakey stinker ways, I see...


  9. You have your own toys. GRACIE leave Summer's sweet giraffe alone. PROMISE. PRETTY please??? There may be a dog biscuit in it for you? Just saying.

  10. Too funny! Summer is a little cutie!!


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