Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's Get Away PART 1

When I started blogging a few years ago, it was intended to be like a journal for me...  a place for my thoughts and to play around with pictures and words.  I never in a million years thought I would 'meet' some of the most beautiful people I've ever known.  

I follow (and am followed) by a diversity of people.  
(did I say that right?)    I've grown to love them all.

We've just returned from a mini vacation in Mt. Airy, NC and it was ahh - so relaxing.  There's a lot to tell about, so it'll take a few posts.  

On the way to NC we stopped off at the most amazing 50's diner and had lunch with one of my favorite 'bloggers' Ginny of Let Your Light Shine and her husband, Phil.  This is the second time we've met up.   

We talked, and laughed, and discovered a little more about one another.  I've learned so much from Ginny and her blog.  She has a  beautiful way of sharing the Lord with all of her readers while teaching them a thing or two as well.  

I feel like I've known Ginny and Phil forever...  yet..  I'm still  star struck - meeting the author of Let Your Light Shine.  These are truly beautiful friends!

Ginny suggested we don't leave  the area without seeing this unusual sight (below).  Gary snapped the picture while driving.  Not bad, right?  

A few hours later...  our home away from home.
Holly Hill Cabin

This time it was special because there
 were babies to entertain us.  

Be sure and watch some of this video I took of the babies.  It's the cutest thing.  I know it's kind of long...  I tried to cut some of it but didn't cut quite as much as I wanted... 


  1. oh what a wonderful day, Ginny is such a sweet heart, (as you too) and to meet in person is a real treat, those are the sweetest little goats,

  2. What a wonderful cabin and those goats are so cute! Looks like they need some sneakers with traction!

    So happy you and Ginny were able to meet again. Love that diner.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Looks like a wonderful vacation and how fun that you could meet up with Ginny!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. That was just great! It's always fun to meet up with a fellow blogger!

  5. Lots of baby goats out this season, they're all so CUTE!!!

  6. Nothing is cuter than baby goats!! I want some! I can see Sophie now! lol
    Your blog friends look like lovely people Bobbi. It must have been nice to meet up again.
    And that cabin! I see relaxed all over it!

  7. Oh Bobbi, thank you so much for the wonderful and sweet words!!!! Hard to believe the watering can is a drive-by shot, it sure doesn't look like it! The picture of your cabin from the outside looks so adorable and romantic! And the baby goats, oh my!!! I love the way they keep falling off but they get right back on, a good life lesson for us! And the way they will all get at the top and one will start pushing the others off. I guess most goats are mountain goats and really need things like this to climb. And what a neat surprise to see the turkey, with his tail all ruffed out like you see in pictures at Thanksgiving! I have never seen a turkey at all. There are wild ones all around here, but they are very shy and stay in the woods. I can't wait to see the rest of your posts!!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. When I started blogging I had no idea where it would lead. Like you, I have met so many kind, interesting, and talented people. And Samson didn't know he would meet Gracie and fall head over paws in love. I love the cabin and the critters are adorable.

  9. Gee Ms. Bobbi thanks furs rubbin' in dis super trip dat I didn't get to go on and meet you. You might as well droves a stake in my heart...hehehe.
    Buuuut, I am so ahppies you gots to meet up withs Ms. Ginny, her sounds likes a terrific lady and hers would has to be since ya'll is furiends.

    When we gots your comment bouts da mum spitted outs her coffee...actually, it went out her nose and hers said it burneded really bads but it was worth it.


  10. That video is so cute and Zoie enjoyed it so much too!!!
    I use to live in Holly Hill, Fla in the mid 60's.

  11. Glad you had such a fun get-a-way.
    Meeting bloggers, spending time with you love, and entertained by cute "kids" - sounds perfect to me!!

  12. BLOGGERS are the most WONDERFUL people, indeed. That watering can is a hoot. The cabin is picture perfect. And the babies too cute for words. Glad you had a nice getaway. take care.

  13. Sounds like you had a great time. I'll have to bop by Ginny's blog.

  14. I feel the same way! I can't imagine NOT knowing you all! What a sweet time spent together with friends! Those baby goats are precious! They sure have a lot of energy! My Daddy used to have lots of goats! When there were babies, he would bring them inside for us to play with:) That memory made me smile!

    Have a blessed day, glad you had a great trip!

  15. I am so glad you had a goof time. I love that cabin , it looks so cozy.
    And I know that wonderful feeling of meeting a fellow blogger too, its the coolest thing in the world.

  16. Those "kids" are tooooooo cute! Tell Gracie she just got some competition! The funny thing about baby animals is they all like to attack and play with each other - - but these goats playing 'King of the Mountain' are adorable.

  17. No Wonder y'all love going to Mt. Airy! What a delightful we would say here in this part of the country "y'all can sure pick 'em!" Ginny and her husband look like wonderful caring people and what fun that y'all had a nice get - together....

    What can I say about the antics of those adorable babies? I could sit and watch them by the hour. They are little stooges.....It looked like a very handsome turkey was preening around in the background, too. What a beautiful bird!

    Bobbi, I am feeling pretty ill today, but reading your blog post and seeing the pics and vid have really made my day!

  18. It is so neat to meet a fellow blogger! I bet you enjoyed your time with Ginny! So cute you and Gary were dressed in like colors!! Looked like a great start to your getaway!


  19. That was nice that you got to spend time again with one your blogging friends. I love those goats! So cute!


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