Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Survived The Titanic

In 2007 Gary and I enjoyed a great vacation in Orlando, Florida.  One of the most memorable events was visiting Titanic, The Experience.

Upon entrance, we received a ticket and immediately we were whisked back in time ~ as our tickets showed the name of a person who boarded the Titanic on that fateful and tragic day.

As we exited, our tickets were checked to see if we had survived or went down with the Titanic.


 Gary and I went to see Titanic 3-D on Thursday.  It was so life-like.  So incredibly tragic.

100 years.  We are still intrigued by it all.  Still saddened.


  1. Glad you two had the opportunity to see this. I've been seeing so much about it on television. Hope the week ahead is a great one.

  2. That is so AWESOME. I never heard of this attraction/exhibit. What an interesting experience. Glad you LIVED to tell the TALE. Thanks for sharing. take care.

  3. that was such a great experience, wow! amazing

  4. We did this in Louisville. Very moving and such a tragic event. Hard to believe that as many people survived actually did in those conditions.

  5. What fun!!! And how cool you were representing the passengers,I am so glad you didn't sink!!!

  6. Oh what a tragic event! I watched the movie SO long ago but have not seen the new 3D one! I would like to see Titanic the Experience:)

    Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

  7. we have been watching all the news on tv about the titanic..
    so sad

  8. Something once you see it, you never forget it!

  9. I saw Titanic when it first came out - it broke my heart. I'm glad I saw it, but I don't want to see it again. Princess saw the 3D one too and absolutely loved it. . .I went to one of the Titanic museums a couple of years ago. I was assigned the name "Briget ?". I also survived.

  10. One of our museums here has some type of Titanic display; but same thing like the one you went to; you get the name of a passenger and then you find out if they made it or not at the end. We are planning to go to the exhibit next month when I'm on vacation. I too am fascinated by it all.


  11. Wow, what a cool exhibit.... and I'm GLAD you "survived".......just finished reading about Titanic.... it never fails to sadden glad that those that perished are still remembered all these years later....

  12. I have been to two traveling came to Raleigh and one came to Greensboro. I survived the first but not the second. I would love to go to one of the larger exhibits like the one you went to or the one in Las Vegas. I keep picking on Bryan telling him we're going to Northern Ireland to see the shipyard. He groans....LOL!

    I am glad that you enjoyed it and that you survived!


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