Saturday, April 28, 2012


We are gearing up for a mini vacation on Monday.  We're going back to Mt. Airy, NC.  We really liked it there... (more the cabin where we stayed than anything).  I'm really excited this time because Kim (one of the farm owners) told me they have a few new babies..  one a baby goat and I I think a donkey as well.. 

I am a parent who has raised a child - with regrets.  What could or should I have done differently with Gracie to cause her to be better behaved?  I would love love love to take her with us but I know she would misbehave terribly and ruin our trip.  This makes me sad.  But Gracie will be taken care of while we're gone - Lindsey will see to that. 

Meanwhile, I have a busy weekend happening...  and I want to make sure I give Gracie some extra attention.

Dear Diary,

I'm not so sure I like this 'new addition' to the family.  Let's just say she's a trouble maker and the trouble she makes is for ME!  The term bloody murder comes to mind.  It's a well known fact that I announce each and every time a people passes by our house and especially when that people is accompanied by a black dog or a german shepherd.  Hey, it's my job.  I watch the house.  What can I say?!  Now..  dad has on occasion screamed at me 'gracie! You're going to give me a heart attack!'  and mom has put in her two cents worth, 'gracie!  Do you have to do that everytime you see someone walk down the road?  What is your problem?'.  .  What I can't deal with is how that little twerp screams BLOODY MURDER each time I announce an intruder/bystander/vagrant along our road.  I. GET. IN. TROUBLE.  I was here before the twerp.  Why not yell at her instead of me?  Gracie.

"You smell good, ya little trouble-maker.
That's about all ya got goin' for ya."


  1. HAHAHA pooooor Gracie!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  2. Samson Says: He, he, he aren't humans strange? My mom wants me to bark when I see a car coming up the road. I think it's a waste of my time because Angel and Soldier bark like crazy. And the cars usually go to the other house not us. Mom keeps complaining that I'm not a good watch dog. Go figure. When the burglar comes and you bark, they'll be glad, just you watch. XOXO, your Samson.

  3. I had to chuckle at your wondering what you could have done differently with Gracie--I wonder that every day with Todd. He is what he is, and I wouldn't trade him for anything, and I know you feel that same way about your girl! Besides, I think they are secretly happier at home, although they won't admit it! :-)

    Enjoy your trip Bobbi!!!

  4. Gracie - - the problem is you have the wrong owner. My mother-in-law would defend her dog's right to bark, bite, or be in the way over her great-grandchildren's desire to be in the same space. Her words were, "You'd better move that baby. This is Buddy's (dog's name) house and he is just protecting his property."
    She never would lock Buddy up in a room so the grandbabies and he were safe from each other.
    But that was over fifteen years ago and now both she and the dog are with Jesus - - - - so Gracie, guess you need to accept things as they are and adapt while you are on the top side of the dirt!

  5. Oh how cute! Love these photos! Gracie, you hang in there!

    Bobbi, Have a nice mini vacation.

  6. GODSPEED. Have a wonderful trip. ENJOY! Summer is getting big. Such a cutie-pie. She'll be walking before you know it. GRACIE you COMPLAIN about everything. I have a cat that does that. LOL take care.

  7. Enjoy your vacation:) I know Gracie will be just fine and not get into ANY trouble, hehe! LOVE that last picture! SO DARN CUTE! BIG HUGS!

  8. Bobbi, have you ever considered that Gracie is just living up to her reputation? Like a self-fulfilling prophecy?
    Don't take this wrongly and I know you know her better than me, but maybe it is more your fear of her misbehaving than her actually misbehaving. We all tend to overprotect our dogs and not give them a chance to prove themselves.
    Just a thought because Gracie could really enjoy going on these trips.
    Just a thought.

  9. Oh Gracie
    I know your going to have a good time anyway while your peeps are away.
    There is something fun about being "HOME ALONE"

  10. I can't wait!!!! See ya Monday!

  11. I hope you have a great vacation! We live so close to Mt. Airy but I have only been twice. It's definitely a cute little town!


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